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From a Child's Eyes
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By N/A
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From a Childís Eyes
didnít Jesus always seem
the gentler Lord?

no offence to God
but he was ominous

He imposed floods, premeditated
from anger

proclaimed his jealousy
laid out his testaments as law
judged and threatened

Jesus in the paintings
on Sunday School walls
protective shepherd,
nursed stray lambs
not seeking their sacrifice

in the scriptures, he learned, asked, reached
had a mother, father
(Well, two, but one here also)
a trade, a town he had to leave
to make his name.
find himself
just like anyone

Besides, his hair was long and brown
and soft-curled; no fury or mystery
I knew what he looked like
from a baby up
always the pictures I would find
in all the churches of Ontario
art galleries, religious magazines
even in my Catholic friendsí homes
represented him the same
(except they had minute pictures
with fancy rosaries to accompany)

perhaps I feared him less
having known him in a manger
and singing welcome hymns to
the baby who meant Christmas

God seemed indefinable
full of the fierce power
too omniscient; anticipating
Eve and Adam in sin
even before they conceived
the idea of evil

Jesus broke bread
made it serve huge numbers
suffered the little children
unto him

wished his Aunt Martha,
Maryís sister
would worry less

loved Mary Magdalene honorably
and bravely
despite what others said of her
or of their friendship

advised the gossipers not to cast stones
before checking out their own sin;

he spoke in red print in the Bible
but never spilled blood

sometimes like us, he even failed
and struggling, sought
the answers to facing his fate

Like us, he had to answer to The Father
and wonder how to achieve
all the mandates of mankind
and more

His years on Earth were brief
but brimmed with bounty
affecting ours forever.

I always knew it would be safe
and sweet, to be within His fold

No offence to our Creator intended
but didnít Jesus always seem
the gentler Lord?

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Submitted: Friday, August 23, 2002

Last Updated: Friday, August 23, 2002

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