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Save Me a Seat!
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By N/A
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(for my dear 83-year-old friend, Tom G.)

From now on, Tom
save me a white puffy cloud
as my seat
for our visits

at least until
I知 up at bat to
make my way
to your lofty new home
after the grand home run
when we値l make it a double-hitter

meanwhile starting now
I値l send news and chatter
to you like always
and here on earth
listen greedily for your signs
signals and stories
and if I知 lucky
your singing ditties

from now on
you can walk
even run
play ball with the old team
in your field of dreams
forever young

but enriched with the memories
you値l want to keep
unburdened of the pains
of this earthly life
and the scars of all that
tore you inside and out

I couldn稚 walk you
to that new line fence
as you used to like to escort me
from your home
but I pray you値l be close by
just on the other side

and after all the long winters
or maybe just a few first snows -
in God痴 time
I know I値l find you at the gate
to welcome me

no longer do you need
to sing 徹h dear what can the matter be
to nurse the strife of your own body and mind
when the discomfort
emotional, physical and both
reached its worst

the song where I joined in
to support you or
because without me
you always skipped
the next verse
about the promise of
blue ribbons...

and I値l be keeping time now
for you
in a happier mode
knowing you池e with the best timekeeper
and the safest umpire
of all
in a world where songs don稚 end

as you await your loved ones and
reunite with those who reached
home base long before you

I値l pinch hit a bit for you, Tom
wherever I知 wanted
just guide me the right way, please

now what I wish most
is that you run and find your equipment
catch up with the little bat boy
and the rest of the gang

and smile that incomparable
wide honest smile
so both dimples come out again

just save me that cloud
to sit on to see you
so I can continue
the joy, lessons and empathy
of my forever treasured
talks with Tom

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Submitted: Saturday, August 9, 2003

Last Updated: Monday, August 11, 2003

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