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The Sestina Said
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By N/A
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The Sestina Said

One sultry summer day, the Sestina,
feeling rather sassy,
said to the Villanelle,
ďSister, I like your name,
like mine, itís very pretty,
your formís exact and fine
and you share my love of repetition
(though your use of itís more refined)
and rhythm is important to us both
while you lean more to rhyme,
and a sense of spontaneity.
But Iíd wager that Iím a tougher feat
more exacting for my authors.

I boast six stanzas at the start,
rather spiffy,I think,
and I make the poets end each line
from a set list of nouns and verbs
coming at them in switching order patterns
and have them embed everyone of them again
in my added tercet encore
plus bring three back
to close each line of that,
before they say adieu
so I really
keep them on their toes!

Now you , ole Villy, are lovely in your
sweep back and forth. You give a sense of closure.
Would you agree, thereís nothing really bad
about the Ballade?
Born in France as well
she lends herself to fun and spark
though, not to be catty, I do believe
sheís even older than we are!

Our rival, the Renga,
celebrates with dance steps
and mini stanzas that seduce
and cause ripple effects
between writers passing notes

but the Ghazal lets her authors deal
with separate themes all in one poem

Whatís all the huff
about Haiku?
for three lines
not boasting even a title,
I donít get
how she wins such

And if you like a spell out
the Acrostic can be neat
though her name is rather crusty.

I have respect for
the Roundelay
with her intervals of Refrains,
and what about the rondeau, now?
And the others in the clan?

All in, you must forgive me
if my ego sounds inflated,
but I believe myself
the ultimate,
and the very top of form
the class of
structured siblings.Ē

One sultry summer day,
the Sestina said
to the Villanelle...


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Submitted: Sunday, May 11, 2003

Last Updated: Sunday, February 24, 2013

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