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The Mystery Man
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The Mystery Man

There's a man I like to look at
now and then

I swear he looks at me
...a man,
I'd guess not tall,
well-suited up for office work
in a two-toned tie, white shirt
dark jacket

His brown-seeming eyes are ringed
beneath, from tiredness
but merry-mellow
with a hint of devilry

I doubt he saw his dreams come true
but a sense of love is there

His smile is tight Da Vinci style
but with the added trace
of a mustache over
friendly mouth
a promise of laughter in the cheeks

He has short black hair
it's stiff and stands straight up
slightly thinned and grey-streaked
his ears are neat, and well-tucked back

I welcomed him into my home
protected him in a plastic sheet
this stranger that I found
tucked within a second-hand book
mid-way through Grace Kelly's biography

just an old photo, appears to be the l960's
4 X 5 I'd say, a black and white
no name or details on the back
displaced portrait of a person

Was he saved there by a woman
in memento of their grand passion?
or a grown-up daughter, missing home?

Has he served time in our services?
would he be a Canadian?
a churchgoer or agnostic?

Perhaps he aspired to write a book
or dabbled in crime in a secret life?

Did he imagine this image
would be long-cherished?
not left to this anonymous end?

Was he just his own bookmark?
maybe a bachelor all his life?

I told my friends, if nothing else
he at least deserves a poem
don't you agree?

At the very least
he's landed safe with me

I haven't named him yet
this man on whom I hold no claims
it's true he doesn't
belong to me

but it's sure he lived;
maybe still walks the earth
or rests in hallowed ground
if forever my enigma
he keeps me company where I write
and we get along just fine

~ ~ ~
Copyright © 2001 Maureen L. Glaude

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Submitted: Saturday, August 3, 2002

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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