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To Change the World
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By N/A
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To Change the World


my blueprint for
a poem to
change the world
must mark the myriad
of issues
out there,
to unite millions
in works and wages

Purity of:


for each other's corner of the universe,
not just their own neighbourhoods

-Elimination of such enemies as:

Apathy, Aids, Arthritis
Cancer, Chronic Illness
(Physical and Mental)
Depression, Neglect
Injustice, Hatred, Hypocrisy
Crime, Abuse, Addiction, Prejudice, Pollution,
Evil, Illiteracy
Procrastination, Passivity
Vindictiveness, Disability
Disrespect, Low Self-Esteem....
Cruelty to animals

My anger would serve as tone
to temper change
by positive, non-violent means

my line breaks
afford the breaths
for eye and ear
to absorb the blessings
and the pitfalls
upon us

I'd tag
love with a bright flag
worth sharing and shining
in full open banner
with hugs and hand-holding
out in daylight's lens
not suppressed and denied
between parent and youth,
spouses, partners, friends,
not a subject of shame or shyness
nor reserved just for private moments
or inhibited til paralyzed

I'd move my words as pieces
across the chessboard
the letters and punctuation
setting up
for re-uniting friends and families
divided by trivial feuds
- show they were intended as each others'
knights and kings and queens
to defend and crown

I'd campaign
for a world
we'd freeze
for meditation or
not just at regulated coffee breaks
weekends or retreats

...incite authentic
to know
what makes up each other
and one's self
from the mind and soul

not style of clothes,
hair color, investments,
latest purchases
at name-brand stores

my poem would petition
changes to the justice system
so that it would never again dare
attempt to ask a mourning parent
or aunt or cousin or grandmother
estimate the dollar value
for the cost of loss by death of a youth
in victims' impact statements

and murdered peoples' diaries
like Nicole Simpson's
would be recognized as evidence
not hearsay

I'd work my words
to implore
the young and old
of the richness
of possessions that
surpass the milk of mere
market values

...how we need the
newer generation's
hands, minds
and hearts
as much as their legs,
for their sports,
to build solutions
to the sorry troubles
started long before their births
as well as cherish
the blessings laid out here.

my edits would exhaust to weed out
the cruellest thorns
in the rosebushes
of earth's garden

my poem would not aim to
preach or be pretentious
but aspire to encourage
caution that the human race
not continue to

transfer our destructive ways
further into the universe
but investigate space
and our fellow planets
with reverence and respect
not inflicting our black hole's haunt
by repetition, on them

My poem would articulate
in every language,
accessible to all cultures,
painting a canvass of eclectic faith
wherever the power of faith
has been washed away
replaced by
the graffiti of oppression

my hands would scrub
until they bleed
to remove the sins of materialism
artificial security by possessions
instead of a commendable greed
the company of humanity
kindness, generosity

I'd wish a giant whisper
across the world
... returning us to
more moments' silences,
spaces in the pace of life
for talking to the trees
restoring forests, restoring us,
laughing over nothing
and everything
with loved ones
when we can cry no more

...seize more escapes to
sit and read
savor being
students forever

appreciate old arts
mah jong and haiku
and the devotion to such craft

validate the milestones
of a long poem too

discipline the mind
let out for walks and airings
exercising leisure, learning, literature
links to the days of epics
where people sought answers and
affirmed morality
from stories of Ulysses and Shakespeare
and religious texts first down on scrolls

but until the day
there's power enough in poetry,
audience to stop
again in woods and wars,

wisdom in us
willed to overcome
the imperfections

the purpose
behind my every approach
to the mastery and mystery of
the conception
of a poem

as it forever was,
the change that it can effect
upon my world
and even

one page, at a time

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Submitted: Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Last Updated: Sunday, September 24, 2006

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