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Words on Wheels
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Words on Wheels

Iíve just returned from a
step back in time
- didn't know they still had these creatures.
My mom asked me this morning
to drive her over
to pay one a visit, when
it would be pulled up
a few blocks from home, she said,
but too difficult for her to walk and lug
her treasures home.

The bookmobile is a unit of shelves
stocked with public library literature
and returning every week, or two.

The model's slicker now
than the old aluminum one
which served our elementary school.

Those long-ago Fridays of the sixties,
we escaped
the drudgery of the classroom
to climb those metal steps
into a long stationary bus, heavy scented ,
I had no of idea what,
and hurriedly searched a Montgomery or Dr. Seuss
or whoeverís creations the librarian had tucked
in those slim shelves in the walls.

Each class form had fifteen minutes, per turn.
Todayís model is much improved, but
the steps are too steep and the stairway narrow
for older or disabled patrons.

Like a ship's cabin, within itís
wood-panelled and brightly trimmed,
fresh and air-cooled.
A small vinyl seat for a clerk
fits into the wall, and
a maple wood clock hangs overhead.

On either side of the aisle
paperbacks, hardcovers, bestsellers,
rotated constantly for room
offer the genre samples.

Itís a fun squeeze to
tour this bus of selected
books on wheels,
returnable to you.

Copyright © 2000 Maureen Glaude.

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Submitted: Thursday, January 23, 2003

Last Updated: Saturday, October 12, 2013

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