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On The Way
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By N/A
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On The Way

Sensing the coming
remoteness I need
from the over-frenzied chaos
of the final preparations for Christmas
I wrap up my white gifts of canned food
in vanilla-coloured tissue
remembering that since childhood
this moment always starred

last night I rehearsed my readings
as Iíll be a lector this morning
my recitations tucked in between two carols
they are from Micah and St. Luke
one of the passages is most exciting
to me, the one in which itís explained to Mary
the magical event in which sheíll serve

the childrenís eyes, voices, brightness
the colours and light of the aisle and the altar
with the poinsettia and the Advent Candle
await me with their hush of gentleness

the organ and piano, and stunning choir ensemble
that make me imagine what I aspire to hear
should I attain Heaven one day,
and the smiles and kindness, deep calm voice
the focus on the true significance
(amid a world sometimes gone mad)
that the minister emanates to us
and most of all the knowledge
that Jesus and God receive us
cherish and walk with us through our trials
make the trek in the cold and snow
on the way to church
brisk delight, my face and heart
growing rosy with the promise

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Submitted: Sunday, December 19, 2004

Last Updated: Sunday, December 19, 2004

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