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By N/A
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I hear
clip clop
on cobblestones
chatter of village gentry
bird chirps

from my vantage point
the apertures
on high
in this heritage
Town Hall

I see, with eyes to the past
...the same corner of the world
where I make my daily walks
but in earlier days
not Churchill Avenue then
but Richmond as
a roadway, edge of town

...Ye Olde Town Meeting Place
beside the church
both built by masons
from motherlands across the sea?
two stone-walled twins
so close as to be
siamese but

...spin of wheels of
“Westboro” Village
come and gone
horses and hearts history
five cent pieces

smaller than modern dimes
1890's decade of dreams
skirts to be lifted
to discreet height
for stepping up to
snow-swept street corners
beneath street lanterns’glow

Fade to soft summertimes
not far off, along Byron
the trolleys taking families
to Britannia Beach on Sundays

arches and peaks
in the architecture
up the twists of stairway within
glimpses from narrow windows
what would they reflect?
City of Nepean then
children in pinafores?
on the Lord’s lawn below
spread of tables
tender touches

lacy doilies and lavender sachets
in drawstring purses

I taste lemonade,
finger sandwiches
and tea,
Ladies’ auxiliaries
leading the “pour”

... inhale with greed
the scents of a saintly
grace gone by
on purer winds
wall stone pattered by
purer rains

the heritage here
of my home

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Submitted: Saturday, July 27, 2002

Last Updated: Saturday, July 27, 2002

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