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Snow Angels (aka A Pure Love)
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Snow Angels (aka APure Love)


For Tom, forever
Is there an unseen hand
guiding my friendship
with dear Tom?

Finally meeting
on our close-by paths
one August day over his line fence
introduced by a mutual friend
at points of loss and struggles to survive
due to major disease
and changes in relationships

mysteries of coincidence
like on his wall of old photos at home
his Martha, now away ill, uncannily
resembled early portraits of my Mom;
it was more than just the 40's styles
of hair and clothing.

Later I discovered there,
my eldest brother, as a young lad,
in a ball team picture with Tom's son,
soon we shared a universe
beyond our close geography;
he'd lived for decades
near the neighborhood grocery store
near the street of my lifelong home
but we'd never met before

34 years difference, quickly drowned
by laughter, tears, and fears shared,
a ribbon spun out between me
and this man of 82 years,
his dear Martha in a Home, with Alzheimer's
his sons coming whenever they could
but living out of town,
he faced his agonies of age alone
while me, with my husband

had each fought
the costs of stroke and cancer.

Normally it was in daylight hours
I'd visit Tom
but passing one mid-December evening
following the first winter storm
I recalled his "pop in anytime
for you, the door'll be open"

Intuition made me stop now,
on ice and snow I trekked
shyly, at first, but then I saw
the lights were on
in his back room
where we'd visited
so many afternoons

He answered my knock,
and I found him
in his winter overclothes and boots,
"You're an all-dressed pizza" I teased
"going out, somewhere, Tom?"

Surprise broke out upon his face,
but he looked relieved to see me,
said he needed bread and milk
from the store across the way

but his arthritic knees felt weak
breathing sometimes strained,
and those sidewalks and his own steps
so icy; plus that wind!

he wanted to go himself,
and usually made it fine,
bringing the grocery buggy back
for balance; but tonight was a little nervous

"I was just thinking
of whom to ask for help."
he added, his eyes intense;

"Ask no more" came my reply,
reminding him, he also had my number,
and kind neighbors who'd pitch in

but something stronger
than phone wires or electronics
had worked on me that night

Bread and milk
a simple need; short walk
but at 82, when you?re feeling weak
on an Ottawa December night, a feat!

This simple chance
(or was it?) gave us our
first winter walk together

I tucked my arm through Tom's.
told him I too liked the support,
he smiled "what will folks say?"
then laughed
my hands were as warm as my heart
as we kept one another up.

Later as he thanked me
putting away his goods,
I reflected on all the miracles,
that had at last made our paths meet
when we needed them the most,

and asked
if he believed in angels
directing us for God ?
he just smiled
and shrugged

my faith is sure
there's always been
an unseen force from above
when it comes to Tom and me
and the magic
of neighborly love
Maureen L. Glaude Feb.7, 02

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Submitted: Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Last Updated: Sunday, December 17, 2006

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