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Childhood Summer Vignettes
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By N/A
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Childhood Summer Vignettes

(Maine, New Hampshire U.S.A. Circa l956-57)

Salt mist of Maine
Blues, whites, greys
Of large sea-front houses
With widows' walks wrapped
Around attic floors
where lost sailors' wives
silhouettes had been seen
pacing their mourning

Basketball hoops by the shore
outdoor shower cabins
grown-ups gabbing of lobsters
older brothers playing handball
on firm-packed sand
then burying themselves, only laughing heads left
or bobbing in rubber tires, out on the ocean
'til their skins turned to blue

Myself at three
chased by cold crush of huge waves
shielded by father's strong chest and arms

Or carried by barely-older sister
From crab-crawling rock crevices
Where my eyes and toes dared not land

Later my fall from grace
upsetting the full pink paint can
of a cross cottage landlord
spoiling my own new white dress shoes
and my father's wallet

steep hills of New Hampshire
white Mountain cabin
a crib being rolled uphill
to be set up for me
even at that age!

Waiting for parents
sis and I screaming
over dragonflies circling
our curly blonde heads

Movie-star image mother
watching ships passing
her aquamarine dress
billowed with sultry sundown breezes
as my father locks her beauty
in his new Brownie camera

Future heirlooms for us all.

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Submitted: Thursday, December 23, 2004

Last Updated: Thursday, December 23, 2004

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