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By Gillena Cox
Other Poems by Gillena Cox


When you return Lord, what will you find?

Hearts asleep or awake?

Will there be gatekeepers, ever watchful, ever awake?

Your coming in glory, Lord, only the Father holds

That secret of time and space ;

When the stars fall from the heavens,

When the sun fades to darkness, before generations;

When sister moon, loses her glow.

That day when, as you ascended,

You return, cloud-filled instep,

In triumph, most radiant of all heaven;

Before all nations, kingdoms, generations;

That day when, only the Father chooses

That you should so, return;

Gathering by your mighty angels

All those you have chosen ††

No one knows the hour;

Not in heaven not on earth, no one;

All you have bequeathed to us is to pray

To accept your grace of prayer,

Is to receive the hope of being chosen;

And the truth, that your Word, ever shall be

Gatekeepers © gillena cox 2013: pondering Mark Ch - 13

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Submitted: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

About the Poet
I live in Trinidad of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; a multi ethnic, multi religious society. I write poetry for the sheer joy of crafting my feelings, my emotions my thoughts. I enjoy the challenge of abstraction in writing haiku. Married to Anthony Cox in 1971; we have a daughter Yanda and a son Khama. I was born in 1950 First grandchild: a grand-daughter born October 2012 My profile is a 2013 photo (poet bio updated 2013)

Other Poems by Gillena Cox

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