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Two Pals Wait
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By Gillena Cox
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Two Pals Wait

Weíve reached the bus stop my dog and I
Try to sit still now for a while
And too when the bus does come around
You should not run behind a mile

This is a place for waiting but sure
By no means think it is a park
Where dogs and people can frisk about
And have all the time to skylark

The concrete benches are not the most
Comfortable seats you can find
But they do make the task of waiting
A tad of the easier kind

A gentle breeze, it sways the palm trees
But still they will remain stationed
And drift toward us along its sway
The scent of crepe jasmines opened

Your dogís ears too, will the wind ruffle
As you hear the sound of the bus
Long before it curves the serpentine
Street and makes its way before us

Front legs steady as the alert palms
Even as you sit in quiet
Eyes absorbing the all around you
Such is your natureís requite

Itís said, dogs are to mankind best friends
And such you prove you are to me
Companion and also ally
Regardless woman kind I be

In obedience you choose to sit
Lapping the warmth of morning sun
Pals we two, watch and wait together
And day progresses on the run

From a nearby mango tree a leaf
Brown and dry and curled in a twist
Like a bird at flight comes to alight
While still falling to touch my wrist

Forever it seems before the bus
Comes along to whisk me to school
Now and again you drool and whimper
For a dogís cool, that is the rule

I remember so well those dog days
Close on the heels of a school break
Then a day just seems so much longer
More than seven, a week to make

Itís not so bad, the morningís though
For tomorrow the bus we watch
Passing by along its daily route
While we engage in a tag match

Your wagtail goodbye, ears standing straight
And dust clouds rising from the street
My boarding the long awaited bus
Right here, this afternoon we meet

Two Pals Wait © gillena cox 2007
Published in Pink Crush 2011;ISBN 978 -1-4567-7980-1

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Submitted: Monday, June 25, 2007

Last Updated: Sunday, December 4, 2011

About the Poet
I live in Trinidad of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; a multi ethnic, multi religious society. I write poetry for the sheer joy of crafting my feelings, my emotions my thoughts. I enjoy the challenge of abstraction in writing haiku. Married to Anthony Cox in 1971; we have a daughter Yanda and a son Khama. I was born in 1950 First grandchild: a grand-daughter born October 2012 My profile is a 2013 photo (poet bio updated 2013)

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