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Morning Glory
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By Gillena Cox
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Morning Glory

(It is by faith that we understand that the
world was created by one word from God so that no apparent
cause can account for things we can see. Heb.11:3)

Background radio music;
The beat: steady, pulsating.
Heart to heart our talk;
Mouthing words without depth;
Or meaning; twisted to wrought,
A vine clinging in the wilderness;
Holding on in symbiosis.
Sustenance provided untold.
Happenstance? nothing is ever
Zero degrees; a measure,
Bit by bit, wisdom unfolds.
Morning Glory opening;
Catching the early sun;
Like the bird; wings spanned,
Swooping down, toward that
Worm; the fattest, the juiciest,
The best of the lot.
Prized possessions; guarded,
This shroud of mystery.
Puzzling, even the greatest;
In the matrix of cyberspace.
Another dimension of life.
Existing within the consciousness;
Of inspired reality.
Out there, the void of creation.

Making waves, this music;
On the radio, undulating
In its frequency; softer, louder.
Shouting to the unhearing:
Deafened by noise pollution.
A dirty planet - spewing
Garbage everywhere.
Through out the universe,
One figure representing all.
Different shapes, reflecting
Images seen in colour:
Purple, as the Morning Glory
At the start of a new day;
Pale, in the early sun.
Heat increasing to the noon;
Hour by hour progressively;
Time; past, present, future.
Tomorrow is predictable:
Based on a pattern of cause;
The effect of actions:
Doing to self, and others.
People, in the natural scheme
Of a greater thought.
Perceived through awareness
Of the Creator by his Word.

On and on radio music plays.
The games we love and learned;
Schooled in history and precedence;
Past ways, and methods.
Paths trekked, through trails blazed;
The fires of passion and angst.
Afraid, yet, charting the unknown,
Hidden from the unseeking:
Complacent beings.
Here and now are we.
Today, flows into tomorrow;
Morning Glory unfurls:
Shades; purple and lavender;
Perfuming the ambience.
A limiting space, or sphere;
The privacy of art.
In the mindís eye;
Of poet, or painter;
Ideas form the canvas;
Recording: the vision of life.
Ongoing chance, an illusion;
Faithless ones, remain,
Ignorant; of the aspect,
Of creationís dawning

Dedicated to my daughter - Yanda, who was born on November 28; and celebrates her 31st Birthday November 2002

Published in Pink Crush 2011;ISBN 978 -1-4567-7980-1

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Submitted: Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Last Updated: Sunday, December 4, 2011

About the Poet
I live in Trinidad of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; a multi ethnic, multi religious society. I write poetry for the sheer joy of crafting my feelings, my emotions my thoughts. I enjoy the challenge of abstraction in writing haiku. Married to Anthony Cox in 1971; we have a daughter Yanda and a son Khama. I was born in 1950 First grandchild: a grand-daughter born October 2012 My profile is a 2013 photo (poet bio updated 2013)

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