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By Peter O
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"Behold, we declare blessed the ones enduring ...." James 5:11


The "Blessed"?

Those filled with You,
Touched by You,
Who live in Your Eyes, and
Who share Your Life.

The Gospels --
Love's Words, Hope's Words, Faith's Words --
Call us to be "Blessed."


To see, with faith-clarity,
The poverty of my spirit --
My soul's stark streets, scarce of silk,
With a voice lacking a captain,
But not the beat of a beggar.

To the "Blessed,"
This is not death, but birth --
The Nativity of Jesus in the soul.
He not only marches with the "Blessed,"
But rest within.

They beam Jesus --
The steel of His meekness,
The bloom of His gentleness,
The honesty of His trust.

They walk the way of abandonment:
The emptying of self-rule.

They hunger and thirst for Justice,
They become makers of peace,
They bring mercy to misery, and
They comfort the fearing.

The "Blessed" are the righteous,
They live as You, Father, wish for us --.

Truly happy.


Yes, but only those open to grace
Will becalled "Blessed/" For,
On my own this is a spring-dream,
Bujt with grace, my truth.

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Submitted: Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Updated: Sunday, August 18, 2013

About the Poet
I am 79 years of age. For the past nine years I have been retired, after forty years, from the field of alcoholism and drug abuse in New York City. I am married and we have two grown sons and two grand-sons. My life changed through a grace-experience in 1967. Writing Christian prayers is a particular interest of mine. This came about by a growing awareness of the spiritual in recovery from addictions. I choose, intellectually and emotionally, to believe the Triune God of the Sared Scriptures as my Healer.

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