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Jesus, My Hope When Iím Helpless
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By Kumalawaty Sundari
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Jesus, My Hope When Iím Helpless

Jesus, my hope when Iím helpless,

The raging storms canít harm me

For steadfast and sure in Jesus is my faith.

All my burdens I share with my Saviour,

He understands me, thereís sweet relief.

I let Him renew my heart, I need His blood;

I confess that so weak Iím, I need Jesus.

Day by day I walk, my hands He holds,

Being in His presence, trusting in His grace.

My portion is Jesus, His infinite love reaches me;

I lift up my head and see how He guides my steps,

His Spirit works, the way of the cross I follow.

Murmur not till the end, His love does shine,

Every day is bright, my strength comes from above;

Yes, Iíve lost everything, but never I lose Jesus!

My refuge is Jesus, from my chains He set me free;

Though many times I fall, still God cares,

The darkness canít hide that His love endures.

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Submitted: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

About the Poet
I love learning european languages. I'm very glad to be a blessing for others through my poems

Other Poems by Kumalawaty Sundari

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