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Dr. Seuss on the Inner Life
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By N/A
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Dr. Seuss on the Inner Life
I rather thought, I rather did,
That all this talk of treasure hid
Was just a bunch of baked malarkey,
Smoke and mirrors, tricks of snarky
Highwaymen in clergy clothes
With eyes alight as coffers rose. 
It never really 'curred to me,
I never saw necessity
In looking for a deeper clue
But then one day when feeling blue
I happed upon an aged man
On wobbly legs he took a stand
And sensing I had some distress
He launched into a long digress.
He led me through the valleys deep,
His child had died, he made me weep,
He took me to the heights, I soared
And weightless felt, he struck a chord
When speaking of the ones he loved,
Gentle lambs, the morning gloved
His face in simple subtle hues,
A mix of reds and royal blues. 
As morning stretched to afternoon
We silent fell, I heard a tune
From nature I had somehow missed,
Soulful joy with somber twist,
Then rumbling of a rock removed...
My inner angst seemed somehow smoothed.  
Just how I cannot tell, I can't
For life of me but won't recant
That from that moment on that day
I've had a change of heart, I pray
That all the lonely, all the grieved
Will stumble on this simple seed
I 'quired from my aged friend
Whose inner voice did outer blend.

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Submitted: Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Updated: Sunday, August 19, 2012

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