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The New Equality
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By Rich Tassinari
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       The New Equality

Two characters I hear and see
From youthful days of long ago,
And still they whisper both to me
As in the TV cartoon show.

Upon a shoulder each one stood
And spoke into a willing ear,
One right, one left, I understood
Who each one was by what I’d hear.

The left had horns, a suit of red,
The right with wings, a robe of white,
I listened to what each one said
Throughout my young internal fight.

“I know just how you feel, my friend,
And feelings certainly are real,
So, be yourself, do not pretend,
And listen to the way you feel.”

“No, you must stop and give some thought
To whether this is wrong or right,
Much more than feelings you have got
At stake in this eternal fight.”

Down through the years, opposing sides
Have blended to a middle view,
Where equally each one abides,
The old has changed into the new.

The new promotes equality,
Both left and right are options now,
The goal is sensitivity,
Emotions are the sacred cow.

Yet, not deterred, I hear and see
From youthful days of long ago,
Opposing foes who speak to me
As in the TV cartoon show.

Rich Tassinari 12/29/13


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Submitted: Sunday, December 29, 2013

Last Updated: Sunday, December 29, 2013

About the Poet
Husband, father, grandfather, and each title is my joy. As a youth, poetry was a means to express the inexpressable. I was attracted to (and still am) the beauty and brevity of verse. All flows out from God, and like a proper prayer, can flow back.

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