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God Only Knows
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By Rich Tassinari
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        God Only Knows

Our scheduled time at night is eight
To say our nightly prayers,
Sometimes I am a bit too late,
Attending my affairs.

Then Alec comes to let me know,
“Papot, iz time t’pray”,
I leave my cares, get up to go,
And change my worldly way.

I wonder why he comes for me,
He rarely seems aware
Of anything or what’s to be,
He has no worldly care.

If I should ask, he couldn’t tell,
He never answers why,
His words don’t answer questions well,
He echoes his reply.

One likely answer is the treat
He eats when pray time ends,
The prompt- to pray, response- to eat,
As science comprehends.

Some days ago, he said, “Okay,”
Then sang our Sabbath song,
At 8, the song’s now here to stay
Just where it shall belong.

He also reads right from our book,
He sounds out words quite well,
But “filled with Goodness”, he mistook-
Perhaps some things indwell.

“Filled with Spirit”, Alec read
And didn’t bat an eye,
What lucid light can science shed
On reading gone awry?

Unseen, within, the Spirit dwells,
No stimulus-response
Explains a truth the Spirit tells
With His divine nuance.

Rich Tassinari 12/2/15

Alec, one of my grandsons, is also the person in the poem "A Disciple".

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Submitted: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Last Updated: Thursday, December 3, 2015

About the Poet
Husband, father, grandfather, and each title is my joy. As a youth, poetry was a means to express the inexpressable. I was attracted to (and still am) the beauty and brevity of verse. All flows out from God, and like a proper prayer, can flow back.

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