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David and Bathsheba
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By Rich Tassinari
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                David and Bathsheba

  1. David Does Not Go Off to War

In springtime, when we men go off to war,
I didn’t go unlike the springs before,
The scent of springtime slipped in through my door,
A freshness in the air was warm and light,
The moon usurped my heart and ruled the night,
The thief that stole within, I didn’t fight.

Upon the rooftop, back and forth I paced,
Both fast away and toward something I raced,
And then, the mood of Spring with ease I chased,
I spied below my roof a woman fair,
Undressed and bathing, lovely, unaware
Her beauty drew my heart so quickly there.

I summoned her to visit as my guest,
Without delay, a quick campaign was best
Before Uriah’s back from this spring’s quest,
If I delayed, this moment would be missed,
And springtime’s anxious lips would be unkissed,
The want would linger, haunt, and not desist.


  1. Bathsheba Answers the Summons

My lord had called for me and I must go,
Whatever he would ask, I’d make it so,
He is my king, there’s much to him I owe,
I did not know why he should summon me,
But I was called and ready I would be,
Obedient to serve on bended knee.

His messengers were kind, yet moved with haste
As if there was no time at all to waste,
I felt not calmly led, but quickly chased,
And he, when I arrived, was anxious too,
I looked into his face and then I knew
What he had summoned me that day to do.

Within my body lives my king’s misdeed,
As sure as lust will plunder just like greed,
I had been looted, yet I held the seed,
What he had sprouted in another’s row,
He rightfully should reap since he did sow,
I sent a messenger to let him know.


  1. Uriah the Warrior and Husband

My sword spoke of my service to my king,
It honored loyalty with every swing
And whistled through the air as if to sing
Of victory against the enemy
Whoever on the battlefield they be
I slew with him and he slew them with me.

He called me off the field to bring him news,
I am a fighter, yet would not refuse
His order and returned despite my views,
But told to spend some time with my fair wife
While others on the field still risked their life,
I’d sooner be without and bear the strife.

A night of drunkenness I entertained,
Yet still from my Bathsheba I restrained,
It was the way a warrior is trained,
Then back to battle where I served my lord
With knife and arrow, shield and whistling sword,
As ordered at the front, my life outpoured.


  1. Nathan Admonishes

I saw her slump upon the ground and cry,
Her eyes, like stormy clouds, rained tears ‘til dry,
We mourn so death inside our hearts may die,
Oh God, why do you hide yourself from us
Who seek for You when all is dubious?
Then, what I heard, I spoke to David thus:

There was a humble man who owned a ewe
His love for it increased the more it grew,
And something in the lamb told him it knew,
Another wealthy man with flocks of sheep,
He counted like the money he would keep,
And horded all the goods that he could reap.

One day the wealthy man received a guest,
To whom he richly offered food and rest,
Desirous to show the man his best,
He didn’t have a lamb he thought would do,
He stole and fed his guest the poor man’s ewe,
Much like the wealthy man, my king, are you.

Rich Tassinari 8/16/14



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Submitted: Saturday, August 16, 2014

Last Updated: Monday, August 18, 2014

About the Poet
Husband, father, grandfather, and each title is my joy. As a youth, poetry was a means to express the inexpressable. I was attracted to (and still am) the beauty and brevity of verse. All flows out from God, and like a proper prayer, can flow back.

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