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Judge Grants Postponement
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By Rich Tassinari
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Judge Grants Postponement (Again)

The fourth time now, subpeonaed I,
For People v. one bad guy
Who sold a thing he didn't own
To someone who for years I've known.

The friend insured the thing through me,
I sell insurance for a fee,
Three years ago, there was a theft,
And of that thing, nothing is left.

Investigations then began
Uncovering the faults in man
At every turn, unwinding time,
The cause led to ancestral crime.

The one who passed it to my friend
Before was at the other end
And bought it from an owner who
Was not the legal owner too.

And now, defense request delays,
Who knows how long the encore plays,
With every future date that's set,
The nearer Adam's guilt we get.

When court's rescheduled, let me know,
If I'm alive, I just might show,
But, if I've passed, 'twas for a date
Not once postponed, nor was I late.

I'll take sweet mercy's curtain then,
Decisions are all rendered when
The final court will make quite clear
What can't be figured out down here.

Rich Tassinari 1/9/2013

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Submitted: Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last Updated: Thursday, January 10, 2013

About the Poet
Husband, father, grandfather, and each title is my joy. As a youth, poetry was a means to express the inexpressable. I was attracted to (and still am) the beauty and brevity of verse. All flows out from God, and like a proper prayer, can flow back.

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