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By Famida Basheer
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by Famida Basheer

Coal clouds in monsoon dense

Upbeat from sea to sky

The wheezy waves high wrenched to thrash..

The fisherman tights his eye

And rows with speed to beat the sheet..

a rupee yearned for need

His woman writhes at labour's door

Heaves one new mouth to feed..

To feed with scales and fishbone soup..

To feed with starving greed..

Midsea he prays a stranger's prayer

Maker! Thy will this day..

Erase these skies..undo the darks

My infant's on his way..

One humble fish is all I need

I plead no other pay..

The billows toss his craft in spin

The darkness with the winds akin

The cascades fall in scary hark

And all around is naked dark....

Meek wail-cries of newbirth's protest

Bestills both cloud and wave:

His oar suspends all show of width

His boat upends sans brave...

Then...miracles writhe in strobes and glints

His vessel's brimmed with leap

For greater catch was never had

By flesh or darker deep...

With hastened speed he oars to shore

His wit in turmoil toss't

To tell this gaping wonderment

To those that know the cost

That caused as one the nets to drag

As humility to rise..

A midsea prayer from deep despair..

And bounty undisguised!

There was silence in the air that dawn

On earth and in the sky

For a new man was born within the man..

In his ear, his first born's cry..!!

Miracle by Famida Basheer

copyright 2001

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Submitted: Monday, February 12, 2001

Last Updated: Monday, February 12, 2001

About the Poet
Wife, mother,grandmother (Love that part best!) writer, editor, content writer, gardener, bird lover.

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