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What Kind of Book Are You Writing?
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By Nan Forehand
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What Kind of Book Are You Writing?

I have a simple question. †What kind of book are you writing?
Is it a love story or one filled with fussing and fighting?
With the rising of the sun
there is work for the Lord that must be done.
It doesn't matter your gender or your age.
Will your book be filled with forgiveness and compassion or anger mixed with rage?
Are you writing a book that will bring your readers to tears?
Are you having adventures, overcoming obstacles and fears?
Does your book have illustrations of mercy and grace?
Do your readers see Jesus when they see photos of your face?
Are you unraveling mysteries of the universe and creating peace?
Do your readers, in anticipation, hold their breath, then let it go with sweet release?
What are your dreams and aspirations that you are willing to share?
Do you think your book so unimportant that should it not be written no one will care?
With each day that I live and breathe, I'm writing The Book of Nan.
I only write of what I know and with God's help, I'll write my book, yes I can!
In my book there is courage and hope and faith and passion!
I'm writing my book in my own style and in my own simple fashion!
Yes, I do! †I have a story to tell!
When I share this beautiful story of faith, hope and love, God's heart must surely swell!
So many wonderful, interesting characters in this book of mine!
Will my readers love my story so much that they memorize each line?
No, I'm not big-headed with my nose in the cloud.
Yes, I love the Lord and I'll shout it out loud!
No worries about what to write tomorrow.
The words on that page could be a blend of joy and sorrow.
Tomorrow morning when you put your feet on the floor
say a prayer of thanksgiving and make it better than the day before.
Make sure your book is written with ink that won't fade and make sure it has a strong spine.
Make sure that God's love is woven into the fabric of each page and that the cover looks fine.
Surely you can't judge a book by its cover.
My book is as unique as me and quite unlike any other!
Through their memories, others will continue to read your book even after your soul has left earth.
Their lives will have been forever changed simply because of your significant birth.
So, a word to the wise; think before you speak. †Sometimes a smile carries more meaning
than you can imagine and keep on living and believing and sharing and revealing!
I sure hope you're inspired and encouraged to share your life with others!
When it's all said and done, we're all family - in Christ,†we're sisters and brothers!
Now you know about The Book of Nan.
God can help you write your book! †He surely can!
Trust me! †It will be better than you can imagine!

written November 2, 2013

Author's note: †This is the first poem I have written in several months. †I had already gone to bed Friday night, wide awake and the words of this poem began to dance in my head. †I simply had to get up and put my fingers to the keyboard. †It was 2:26am when I returned to bed. †Writing the poem was a wonderful way to begin my new day! †I hope you have an amazing day today. †Enjoy the mysteries that unfold as you continue on your way. Love, Nan

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Submitted: Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 5, 2013

About the Poet
I grew up in rural North Carolina, married for 38 years to my best friend and soulmate, Allen, who retired almost 17 years ago from the Air Force after 24 years of service to our beloved America. We have a daughter, Ashley ( and son-in-law, Kris) and, a son, John, and, our two beautiful grand daughters, Amelia and Haley, and Isaac, our only grandson, all blessings from God. We have four cats; Mr. Peabody, Missy, aka Middle Kitty and Tabby, aka Little Kitty, and Gracie. I've seen a lot of hard times and God has always been here for me to see me through them. I am a vessel God can use to help others in need. If I could be described in one word, it would be that I am an encourager.

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