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A Portrait of Love!
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By Bernetha F. Wise
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A Portrait of Love



A portrait of love painted by the Hand of God in Jesus - each stroke drawn from Emmanuel’s veins - a blood bought portrait of love none other could accomplish - the heart of God full of compassion running over on to the canvas of our lives - to anyone seeking a refuge for our soul - a portrait of love and grace - unmerited favor for the ones he made - His creation - who fall short and miss the mark of righteousness and holiness - a portrait of love for all - unconditional - uncompromising - without limits - from the well of Living water - cleansing, refreshing and reviving to new life by the

Portrait of His love!

A portrait of His love eternal - making a way for the faithful to walk the streets of gold - undefiled - without spot or wrinkle - a glorious bride - who walks in the footsteps of the Master - A portrait of love of the Great Shepherd who leads to peaceful waters - peaceful shores - serenity of mind - abounds where there is no strife or dissension -  the old has gone and the new has come - a portrait of love - faith in the unseen God who appears in miracles - blessings in daily life - showing who He is - Great IAM, Almighty Father, Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor - He is provider, lover of our soul - the Great Physician - whose report we can believe - a portrait of His love in action - He lives eternally as King of Kings and Lord of Lords  - as we come to His magnificent throne of Grace - we will live eternally with Him - in His kingdom - He reigns forever - there is no measure to His worth - silver and gold is no match - A portrait of His love - never failing - joy unspeakable and full glory - the light shines so bright it drives out the darkness - and all can see the

Portrait of the Father’s love found only in Jesus!


By: Bernetha F. Wise


July 26, 2015


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Submitted: Sunday, July 26, 2015

Last Updated: Sunday, July 26, 2015

About the Poet
I was born in Lexington County, SC. I lived in Jacksonville, Florida for many years.I recently moved back home to my home town, Columbia, SC. I have one daughter, Kimberly. I now have two brothers. One went to be with the Lord in January, 2010. My Mom went to be with the Lord, Memorial Day May 28, 2012. Among the things I am grateful for and remembering about her is my salvation. She was a strong passionate woman of God all of her life and a beautiful loving Mother. I was saved and baptized in the ocean in Rota, Spain. What an experience that was! Holy Spirit chased me and drew me to Himself, while I was alone in another country. I surrendered to the Lord, and His peace flooded my soul. It was so beautiful. I am so happy he saved me and redeemed me. I am so happy to share these poems from His heart and mine. Poetry is a release and has inspired and encouraged me and many who have read my poetry. I was blessed to write for a number of years on Crossway Publications and had over 300 poems that I wrote on the site. God has increased my gift with more beautiful poetry. In 2005 my poetic writings seemed to catch the fire of God and have a deeper meaning. I thank God for this chance to share my poetry with all. God Bless...

Other Poems by Bernetha F. Wise

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