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Kid from Durango
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By Eve S. Thornton
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Kid from Durango

Scrawny pint-size cowboy trying hard to be a man
mimicking his heroes with a toy gun in his hand,
riding wooden stick horse up and down a cotton row
dreaming dreams of boots and buckles, did the kid from Durango.

Young man picking cotton balls, his stick horse and toy gun
laying in the attic gath'ring dust out of the sun,
toiling with his fam'ly up and down each cotton row
still dreaming dreams of cowboy scenes, did the kid from Durango.

Soldier dressed for battle trying hard to be a man
sent to fight for freedoms in a distant, foreign land,
crawling on his belly through a wild rice paddy row
too scared to think of cowboy dreams, was the kid from Durango.

Wounded son face-down in mud and passed out from his pain
dreaming dreams of small hands dragging him from where he'd lain,
waking to the sound of copter blades whirring down low
then drifting off to sleep again, did the kid from Durango.

Survivor weeping softly, holds photo in his hand
found tucked inside his helmet, brought home from foreign land:
A Nam child on a stick horse beside a wild rice row
dreaming dreams of unsung heroes, did the kid named Ca Binh Hao.




Jesus teaches, Jesus comforts, Jesus saves, Jesus protects, Jesus delivers, Jesus will always send a means of escape, and God's ways are past finding out.


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Submitted: Friday, January 13, 2012

Last Updated: Friday, January 13, 2012

About the Poet
I feel truly blessed to have been a wife, mother, grandmother and servant of God through salvation in Jesus Christ my Lord. I pray that my offering to Him through this seemingly innocuous form of communication called poetry will always lift His Name above all other names. May God bless each of us in this pursuit.

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