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We Call Him Lord!
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By David L. Clingerman
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We Call Him Lord!


Oh Lord, Thou Art my God!
We sing and pray!
Yet not his voice we do obey?

Appease the flesh,
Fulfill the lust,
Life is short,
We'll soon be dust!

We soon come crashing to our knees,
The lust of flesh was short appeased.
He let us have our selfish ways,
We turn to Him in groping daze.

He whispers to our soul's despair,
In loving gentleness and care,
You called Me "Lord", as true I am,
I am the God that truly CAN.

But Faith and Actions go together,
and my authority will make you better.
In obedience, to my word,
You will experience things unheard.

I know what's best
For you and yours.
It's peace I give,
and yours to take,
That makes that place
Of perfect rest.

You call me "Lord"!
And that I am.
Now walk in Faith,
and take my hand,
For yes, to you
I am the God that Can!

By David L. Clingerman

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Submitted: Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Last Updated: Friday, December 21, 2007

About the Poet
IN MEMORIAM Missionary Evangelist. Brother of Quentin. Two daughters and three sons. I love to travel, and spend as much time in Africa as money will allow. Have been working in East Africa, and recently in Canada with African refugees. Hawaii is one of my favored destinations. Missionary Evangelist P.O. Box 315 Petersburg, Pa. 16669 Obituary: Born June 20, 1938, Died January 31, 2003 Interrment: Greenhaven Memorial Gardens, Canfield, Ohio. David now belongs to the ages. He is with God.

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