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When Did The Music Change
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By Cassie Blake
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When did the music change?

Now you may ask where did that come from.

I was sitting here looking out the window thinking
about nothing in general,
that thought came to me.

I get up each morning,
do the same things that I have always done
 but something is a bit off kilter.
I have lost something along the way,
I can feel it but not see it, not a tangible item.

I am in a quandary of late, at the timeline of my life.
I was young just a few minutes ago.
I now look in the mirror, only to see this stranger.

I see friends pass on, thinking mmmm soon it will be me.
I am not afraid of that, not the way one would think.
What I fear, is putting the finishing touches on my dreams.

Gazing further on down road yet to come, I see me
there, old, thinking to myself, no that can't be me.
That person has yet spread her wings to fly. I just need
time, just time.

Turning from the window,
my arms enfold my body as a chill passes though me.
I have come to the conclusion,
though hard to bear, that we can't beat old father time.

As for me and the music...mmmm.
I guess I have come to realize that things can not stay the same,
no matter how hard we try to hold on.

So, as for the first words printed, when did the music change?
It hasn't really, the music is just playing a different melody.

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Submitted: Thursday, June 7, 2001

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

About the Poet
I am from Medina, N.Y. I work in a public library. I have a husband and one adult daughter.

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