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Isn't It Funny
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By Marion McGahagin Burkett
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Isn't It Funny


Isn't it funny...
Life I mean
You get so involved in such trivial things
That you somewhere lose the importance of life

We all rush around
We worry about what people think or say
We stress ourselves out over
Who has the most money
Better yet
The most toys

If your hair isn't exactly right
You color it, cut it or even add to it
If you don't like your nose
Well, then you just go get a new one

But, as you rush around, or change your looks
You manage to forget something
You know that pansy you stepped on?
The rose you over looked?
The rainbow after a storm?
Or the mist that sparkles in the morning sun?

Life is rather funny
Because when it is all said and done
Is anyone going to really care
You had an expensive car, or a new nose job?
Will they care in the end that you
Had the best toys?
Sure they will
Why? Because

They only want what you left them in your will

Life is funny that way
They won't remember the simple things
You actually stopped and smelled that rose
Or side stepped the pansy
Actually took delight in the rainbow
And remained in awe of the sparkles off the morning dew.

They really won't remember those simple things
Well...what can I can say about that?
A simple southern term says it best
"Bless their hearts!"
(not complimentary I can promise you this)
For they missed the most precious thing
They never got to know the real you!

So remember
Life is funny if you can learn to laugh
Life is what you make of it and remember
Money, toys and looks are not all that important
What is important
Is what you are inside.

mmb ©

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Submitted: Monday, November 19, 2001

Last Updated: Sunday, October 8, 2006

About the Poet
I reside in the mystical mountains of North East Georgia with my youngest daughter, Ally. I have had poetry and a short story published in ezine Love Words. I enjoy poetry, writing short stories, reading and photography. My poetry is written from my heart and reflects emotions of the soul and my love of nature. I hope you enjoy... .

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