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The Innocent
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By Gerald Bergeron
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I used to walk in darkness,

where life meant nothing to me.

I was chained to fear and hopelessness,

and nothing could set me free.


 I was wandering aimlessly through this world,

waiting to meet my fate.

Not knowing what would be ahead,

always first yet always late.


Then one day in my darkened room,

a light began to shine.

All my fear and hopelessness left,

and I felt that I would be fine.


The very corners of the darkness

began to fill with light.

Right then I knew that something was different,

and that I would be all right.


There in that light I saw a Lamb,

so beautiful and yet so frail.

I saw my sins and all my faults,

and all the times that I would fail.


Then as I glanced back to that Lamb,

I watched as He was slain.

I spotted a robe as white as snow,

in the place where my sins were laying.


I reached to take that snow-white robe;

my heart was at a loss

for I saw that Lamb being crucified,

He was nailed to a wooden cross.


Then I finally realized

why the innocent had to die.

I hung my head in bitter shame,

and then I began to cry.


All because I had no hope,

and I could not see His love.

Yet God looked down on my broken spirit,

and felt my pain above.



He shined that light into my world,

and there restored my loss.

He paid the price for another sinner,

there on that rugged cross.


Every once and awhile, I gaze again,

to that place where I used to be.

Where His brilliant light, removed the darkness

and Jesus set me free.


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Submitted: Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last Updated: Sunday, August 4, 2013

About the Poet
I am an author of seven christian books all self published, and a believers bible study Journal. One of my books is a poetry book with about 200 poems. I am married and have three sons and a daughter, love writing Christian poetry.

Other Poems by Gerald Bergeron

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