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The Creeper's on the Loose
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By J. Mollett
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The Creeper's On the Loose
by Jean Mollett

The creeper's on the loose.
my puppy must think she's really
slick and sneaky. But she's not.
The gate was left open, I caught her
in the act. She hadn't noticed me the
first time. I had to laugh and now I
call her the creepy crawler. Here's
is a large puppy, and she gets on
her belly.

The creeper's on the loose,
first she'll lay down on her belly.
Then she'll stretch out her long legs
and then bring up the rear. Meantime,
the crawling on her belly begins.
Goldie will look around to see if
anyone is watching her. If she sees
ya looking, she'll usually stop.

The creeper's on the loose,
The crawling will continue til,
she's almost at the edge of the couch.
Raises up and flies around the corner
to Daddy. She knows that Mommy's not far
behind her and letting her know that's
a no no. That's it Goldie, time to go
back. I'm trying to let her get use to
the rest of the house. But she loves
to slip in whenever she can.
Thinks she's so slick, yeah right.


Author's Note: When she gets into trouble, she runs for Daddy to hide her. She hides her face too.

Posted on 01/25/2004
Copyright 2012 Jean Mollett

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Submitted: Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last Updated: Saturday, August 25, 2012

About the Poet
I'm married. I am a grandmother. I love poetry, reading and writing it. Someone inspired me to start writing poetry again. That person is my Pastor.

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