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How Do You Spell STUPIDITY ? (A St
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By J. Mollett
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How Do You Spell STUPIDITY ? (A Story) Revised

by Jean Mollett

How do you spell CONCERNING?
While watching the news this evening,
and I couldn't believe my eyes. There was
teens doing something called Ghost Riding,
unbelieveable. After putting the car in
D and then jumping out of it, dancing
along the side of it. The car still moving
and no one in it and then they jump on top
of the car and dance. This is worse than
some of the other stuff I've seen.
How do you spell STUDIPIDITY?

How do you spell FRIGHTENING?
Besides this, kids are doing this crazy
choking thing now. I've caught some kids doing
this thing, making one pass out. Breathing real
fast and pushing in on their chest to make them
pass out. I sure put a stop to it. To beat it all,
they were some of my nephews and nieces, I let my
sister know about it. Not to mention some of the
other things, not so wise to be doing. Very scary.
It was told it came out from California,
everything seems to start there and spreads.
A fad that's very, very dangerous to anyone.
How do you spell WONDERING?

How do you spell WORRYING?
I just don't understand teens now a days,
the things they do and they think it's funny.
That it's grand, it's so fun. Then sometimes
you heard about a young adult doing the same
thing too. And they're old enough to know better,
one would think so anyway. What's so fun and
great, about hurting each other? Or someone gets
hurt bad or even gets killed from their thrill
seeking. I ask, what's so smart about that?
I'm sure there're others wondering the same thing.
How do you spell STUPIDITY?


What if a much younger child would
try these things? It's been known to
happen, with like drugs and drinking, etc.




Author's Note: Some may not be to happy with this, but it had to be said. I'm sure others are fighting this with their teens. Some parents don't even know about it or whether their teens may be doing it. I just wanted this to be an awareness to people. I changed a few words and took out some of my emotions.

Posted on 07/18/2006
Copyright © 2008 Jean Mollett











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Submitted: Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last Updated: Sunday, January 31, 2016

About the Poet
I'm married. I am a grandmother. I love poetry, reading and writing it. Someone inspired me to start writing poetry again. That person is my Pastor.

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