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The Lamb of God, CD.
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By J. Mollett
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The Lamb of God, CD


I put a CD in to listen to it's songs we sang
for our Easter Musical. For the Choir had to
practice and learn these songs. They're so
beautiful. Hallelujah Praise The Lamb,
I've Just Been With Jesus, The Lamb of God,
How Marvelous,Risen, (Resurrection Day)
of the Lord, I Pledge Allegiance To the Lamb,
Hallelujah Praise the Lamb, were some of the
songs from the Choir's book.
The day came, it was time for our Easter
Musical. On one part Risen (Resurrection Day),
we had a little trouble with it.

I had been praying that everything would go well
today. Our Choir is not big, it's a small group,
but that morning was something else. We were
already sitting up in the Choir's place, we have
one last quick practice. Sang our regular songs
that morning. Then later our turn came for our
Easter Musical. We sang our songs. The I Pledge
Allegiance to the Lamb, it was Bob's solo, then
we would join in on our parts. We were standing,
turned toward Bob while he sang. I could feel
the tears coming in my eyes, 'cause he
sang so beautifully. His wife Rose, next to me,
I saw her eyes had tears building in them.

We got to the part in Resurrection Day, and we didn't
miss a beat. By the smile from our Choir Director,
Susan, I'd say she was pleased. Everyone was happy
and relieved, 'cause we had worked so hard, our
practices were cut short. We did our best, we sang
out with our hearts and souls that morning. I know
the Lord heard us singing that morning. May need to
check the roof.

These songs are very beautiful, makes you feel good
inside and out. Soothing to the soul, you'll want to
follow the Lord. Just reach out to him, he's waiting
for you. Thank you, Lord.
The Lamb of God.

2002(c) The Lamb Of God, CD
By Jean M Gutermuth

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Submitted: Saturday, September 7, 2002

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About the Poet
I'm married. I am a grandmother. I love poetry, reading and writing it. Someone inspired me to start writing poetry again. That person is my Pastor.

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