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Where All Time Stands Still
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By Louis Gander
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Where All Time Stands Still

I found myself in desperate hope -

I couldn't sing, I couldn't cope

with city's noise that so annoys

and racing time as sin destroys.


Among the city's working slave

and the great ocean's pounding wave,

the time slipped past and flowed so fast.

I prayed for peace - that it would last.


I'd often pray while I would dream

of peaceful life beside a stream -

where acorns drop from high atop

the tallest trees - where time would stop.


Alarmingly high from rocky ledge -

through prayer I found the river's edge.

But there were graves in ocean caves

where men sought shelter from the waves.


I climbed down from my lofty pride

where many stumbled, many died.

In danger, pled I, humble cry

that I should live and never die.


Confessing I, reached deep within

repenting of my ev'ry sin.

And when I found that solid ground,

the grasses, green, were all around.


For all the beauty I did thank

my God along that river bank.

In answered prayer, without a care -

through faithfulness, I found Him there.


And then upstream, a path I took

along a creek, then bubbling brook.

Continued I, to walk on by

all other things that caught my eye.


The water clear, refreshing, clean

was prettier than ever seen.

As if possessed, I couldn't rest -

so feet pressed on.  I was His guest.


Beside His living, bubbling spring.

I found my voice and I can sing.

It is so sweet.  It is complete.

All time stands still with no repeat.


I tarry there in peaceful prayer.

I'm in His arms and do not care

for futile lies and futile cries

of man's deceptions as he dies.


His living spring of water lives!

It never takes - but always gives.

I sought His will and found the thrill

of living where all time stands still.


©2017 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED




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Submitted: Friday, July 21, 2017

Last Updated: Friday, July 21, 2017

About the Poet
Born in Richland Center, Wisconsin in 1954. It's the poem's message that matters- not the poet.

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