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King Garland
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By Louis Gander
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King Garland

Oh, once upon a selfish time

King Garland had his reign,

but he had planned an evil scheme

that no one could contain.

Before the holidays arrived

his men would decorate.

Besieged with colored lighting grand,

while subjects would await.


Bright lights were hung and garland strung

from pillars through the halls,

but never was there quite enough

for old King Garland's walls.

He called his servants, gave to them

decree that he had signed,

to confiscate all garland 'round -

each piece that they could find.


So all his men went out that day

collecting all they could.

They entered every store and home

and left their walls bare wood.

They brought back all their garland, lights

and even decorations -

in hopes that they'd impress the king,

(win his admiration).


Well, mothers wept and children cried.

Oh, what were they to do?

Have Christmas without colored lights?

Their deep frustrations grew.

They came from every shop and home -

from even desert sand,

to protest theft of Christmastime

from all across their land.


They gathered at the castle walls.

The protesters would scream.

The king had fin'lly heard enough

and thought them most extreme.

Concocted, he, pathetic lies -

some great deceptive lines...

He'd either calm the crowd a bit,

or threaten them with fines.


But on his way to balcony,

we witnessed quite a sight.

At top of stairs, his crown got snagged

on just one garland's light.

He quickly grasped his priceless crown

so it would not fall off...

(the queen had started laughing but

she hid it with a cough).


From that point on it went downhill.

On garland, he had stumbled.

And then the laughter opened up

when we saw how he tumbled...

...bouncing down the stairway toward

the great, grand balcony

where ev'ryone was gathered 'round,

where ev'ryone could see.


Well, how it happened, we're not sure

but crowd was quite aghast.

The king, himself, embarrassed.

It happened all so fast.

With garland tangled 'round his foot

the crowd let out a cheer -

for king was swinging up-side-down

below the chandelier!


T'was then the king decided that,

(because of his bad fall),

that ev'ry single Christmas should

be lived by one and all.

So handed back, was ev'ry piece

of garland that he stole.

The people had their Christmas back -

while king had gotten coal.


The moral of this poem?


Do not be some pathetic fool

who let's greed have its way.

You cannot steal the Spirit from

the folk on Christmas day.


Treat others, not as subjects, but

respect them all instead.

If selfish, ever, you become,

may blood rush to your head.


©2014 louis gander

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Submitted: Monday, December 8, 2014

Last Updated: Monday, December 8, 2014

About the Poet
Born in Richland Center, Wisconsin in 1954. It's the poem's message that matters- not the poet.

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