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The Pretty Purple Blossom
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By Louis Gander
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The Pretty Purple Blossom

The pretty purple blossom bloomed one sunny springtime day

and as the others grumbled, this is what she had to say...

"Enjoy the warming sunshine and the view we get from here.

Just concentrate on Jesus now.  There's nothing more to fear."


But oh, the other blossoms argued in the stirring breeze,

"We're worried we'll get stung by bees or worried we might freeze.

We're on an old crab apple tree - not white or red or pink.

So why did God do this to us?  Life is unfair, we think."


The pretty purple blossom turned her petals to the sun

and as the others grumbled, her calm faithful words begun...

"Please let me rest in Jesus' arms and let the whole world be.

His blessings all surround us now.  Just look around and see."


But still, the blossoms argued underneath a darkened cloud,

"This shouldn't be permitted.  No, this shouldn't be allowed.

What if the storm clouds gather and the winds begin to stir?

What if the lightning strikes us or tornadoes should occur?"


The pretty purple blossom seemed to wink at growing wind

and as the others grumbled, there were many there who sinned...

"Please don't be anxious and annoyed at what you can't control.

Enjoy this day that God has giv'n and worry 'bout your soul."


And still, the blossoms argued as dark clouds began to form,

"See?  We were right!  We told you so!  Here comes a giant storm!

Now we are waving in the wind.  We heard your subtle scoff.

It won't be long before the wind will blow us blossoms off!"


The pretty purple blossom folded petals as she prayed

and as the others grumbled, she was not at all afraid...

"Who can you trust if not our God, creator of all things?

The winds have been a blessing now - turned branches into swings!"


The other blossoms argued as the storm was overblown,

"The day will come when we will die.  The facts have made it known.

There needs to be equality so we can stay alive.

If we could stick together we can certainly survive."


The pretty purple blossom looked up to the clearing skies

and as the others grumbled she had seemed to agonize...

"No matter what you do on earth, no matter how you try,

you will not live forever and one day you'll surely die."


The other blossoms argued in a meeting they had held,

and came up with a rule of law which was unparalleled.

The law was passed late in the day - about half-passed eleven.

The pretty purple blossom though, already lived in Heav'n.


The pretty purple blossom walked with Jesus, hand in hand

and as the others grumbled, she still prayed they'd understand.

A forest fire, burning hot, was headed straight their way

and though they didn't know it yet, it'd be their final day.


The other blossoms argued as the flames were heading near.

And this time it was serious.  They had something to fear.

No social rule or law could save them from this certain plight.

In one way or another, there is death in dead of night.


So soon the purple blossoms fall from that crab apple tree

as time continues swiftly for the blossoms - (you and me).

The pretty purple blossom lives in full serenity -

still praying we will join her there ...for all eternity.


©2016 louis gander



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Submitted: Saturday, April 9, 2016

Last Updated: Saturday, April 9, 2016

About the Poet
Born in Richland Center, Wisconsin in 1954. It's the poem's message that matters- not the poet.

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