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Two Bananas & a Hot Dog
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By Louis Gander
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Two Bananas & a Hot Dog

(A true story poem that took place Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014 in Wisconsin)


With temp-er'-ture near zero and although it was the norm,

my fingers were so icy cold.  I shivered to stay warm.

I stopped at a convenience store to warm my frigid feet.

I browsed a couple aisles there to find what I might eat.


With hunger pains excessive and some water in a cup,

a hot dog looked delicious and it sure would warm me up.

I didn't have much money, so I had to budget some.

I bought two ripe bananas, then I added up the sum.


With hot dog and bananas now to cure my hunger pangs,

I waited patiently in line near where the candy hangs.

I'd wait until I got back home to eat and warm my toes -

but made a quick decision then to say some quick hellos.


Well, Tom is in his seventies.  His mom's one hundred one.

So I decided I would chat with Clara and her son.

I drove up to their farm house but, I had an afterthought -

that my warm hotdog would get cold- so grabbed what I had bought.


I hurried up to their front door, with my lunch safe in hand,

I knew right then, this isn't right- they wouldn't understand.

I started having second thoughts as feet slid on the ice.

I cannot eat while visiting.  Now that's not very nice!


But I was just a little late.  Tom opened up the door.

Too late to take my dinner back.  I stepped in on their floor.

Said I, then without thinking- "Hey, I brought you two a treat.

For each, a ripe banana..." as Tom offered me a seat.


I sat at kitchen table and said, "Here's your hot dog Tom."

And then the 'kidder' that I am, said "How you doing 'mom'?"

I really didn't need to ask.  She looked just fine to me.

So spry and energetic too- as far as I could see.


They lived alone together there and got along quite well.

And we had quite a lengthy chat before we said farewell.

The moral of the story is "Don't be a stingy beast"

for Tom and Clara are the best ...and I had quite the feast!


©2014 louis gander


There are two types of people in this world- those who love others and those who love themselves.

Tom and Clara are definitely in the first category.  Tom has helped myself and others numerous times refusing to be paid and Clara is the best cook ever!  Clara recently turned 101, does not look or act it- and no one can ever top her delicious apple pies that she serves with her warm, genuine smile.  Happy Birthday Clara!


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Submitted: Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 29, 2014

About the Poet
Born in Richland Center, Wisconsin in 1954. It's the poem's message that matters- not the poet.

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