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My Carving (WC poem)
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By Louis Gander
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My Carving (for WC)

Remembering the past was cool

when I was working with sharp tool,

to carve a little chunk of wood.

I wasn't even sure I could.


Oh, I could carve it up of course,

resemble though, not sure a horse.

But tried I did and carved away.

This was my home and here I stay.


The sun was hot and it would scorch,

but breeze was blowing over porch.

The shade was good and breeze was cool

so I continued with my tool.


Now as I worked, I heard my chimes.

They seemed to speak in certain rhymes.

The words had flown around my mind

just like the birds that did in kind.


I carved away throughout the day

and thought about some things to say,

but chimes would jingle, jangle some

but words just flew and wouldn't come.


A hummingbird then hung around.

It seemed to chuckle without sound.

And then I heard it laugh and laugh.

It said, "It looks like a giraffe!"


Now I admit the neck was long

and were the ears where nose belong?

Well, what's the use?  I gave it up

and went inside to coffee cup.


And then together, came the rhymes -

so I logged on to our WORD CHIMES.

I wrote this poem just for you -

my dearest friends who stick like glue.


Oh, by the way, that thing I carved?

Well, never mind.  I sure am starved.

It's kind of looks somewhere between

a kangaroo and tambourine!


~louis gander 5-21-17 for WC

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Submitted: Sunday, May 21, 2017

Last Updated: Sunday, May 21, 2017

About the Poet
Born in Richland Center, Wisconsin in 1954. It's the poem's message that matters- not the poet.

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