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If Teardrop You Can't Be
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By Louis Gander
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If Teardrop You Can't Be

I was one drop of water with so many, many more,

here falling from the Heavens under great big thunderous roar.


The massive lake below me was so very long and wide.

It seemed that I was dropping near the shore on eastern side.


I saw a pitter-pattering of raindrops on the lake.

I wondered when my time would come - how big of splash I'd make.


But then God sent a burst of wind that blew me over land -

I thought how futile life would be, if sank I, into sand.


As I descended, there appeared a flat, but massive stone.

I saw a little boy in tears, there sitting all alone.


I'd rather be a tear, I thought, than droplet from the sky -

for I'll accomplished little.  Oh, what little worth have I?


A raindrop's life is very short.  Accomplishments are few.

In fact, I'd be ecstatic if I was a teardrop too.


I'd care for him and show him I was patient, kind and meek.

I'd live my life right there with him residing on his cheek.


But God had other plans for me inside that noisy cloud -

and so I fell quite fast and free with others in the crowd.


I've learned some things in my short life.  Please lend me all, your ear.

Please do not cry and do not fight and do not ever fear.


Please don't be so discouraged if you're added to the sea.

Just be content to do God's will if teardrop you can't be.


So very few, are special ones.  So very few, are God's.

And sometimes we can't cope with it and so we are at odds.


I hit so hard, that massive stone.  I splattered all around.

But part of me had met those tears and it was quite profound.


Our friendships seem to be God's will - though very short the years.

The teardrops we have met through storms now bring us loving tears.


One friendship, in particular - how very short, it was -

brought ringing rhymes and chiming words.  I know you know, because...


©2017 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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Submitted: Saturday, June 17, 2017

Last Updated: Saturday, June 17, 2017

About the Poet
Born in Richland Center, Wisconsin in 1954. It's the poem's message that matters- not the poet.

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