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A Snowflake
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By Louis Gander
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A Snowflake

Born high inside a winter cloud,

a snowflake I became.

A snowflake small, defenseless and

too poor to have a name.

I opened up my naive eyes.

I had so much to learn,

but did not know the truth of life

or which way I should turn.


I was content with floating free -

as free as any bird,

until some other flakes whizzed by

and shocked me as I heard;

"Get out of here you stupid flake!

You're in our treasured world.

We're here to make a winter storm."

With that, they whipped and swirled.


Impeding them, they elbowed me.

My world turned up-side-down.

The wind was stiff and tossed me too

above a country town.

My glimpse at Christmas lights was brief

and couldn't be expressed -

as more flakes shoved me to the side

and wouldn't let me rest.


I wanted calm serenity,

but this is what they'd say;

"You bother us!  Get out of here!"

You're always in our way!"

They pushed and shoved and shoved and pushed.

I found it most appalling.

...And none of them had realized

that all of us were falling...


I saw a 'V' formation of

some southern flying geese.

If only I could hitch a ride -

then maybe I'd have peace...

I'd cherish, under tall palm trees,

the warming breezes felt.

But, if indeed, they're flying south,

I wondered, would I melt?


This life can be so burdensome,

this world so turbulent.

I prayed, "God, give me peace and rest"

as I made my descent.

I hovered over roadway where

I thought I'd safely land.

But then came two huge semi-trucks

that didn't understand.


The world had thrown me yet again.

My life became a blur!

But then I slowed and settled on

a Colorado fir.

And where were those insulting me?

It really was profound.

They melted under tire tracks

from traffic eastward bound.


High status, they had fought for but -

their efforts now have ended.

They said that I offended them.

I wished that they had listened.

They elbowed all their way through life -

for more space in the air.

But tell me, was it worth it all?

What did it matter there?


Retired now, I think of things

for which I am not proud -

and all the selfish thoughts I had

since falling from that cloud.

I think of times I prayed to God

and thought He didn't listen.

But Christmas lights around the town,

across the snow, now glisten...


©2015 louis gander

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Submitted: Saturday, December 5, 2015

Last Updated: Saturday, December 5, 2015

About the Poet
Born in Richland Center, Wisconsin in 1954. It's the poem's message that matters- not the poet.

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