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Mamaaaaa . . . .
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By Nnabuchi Akpeh
Other Poems by Nnabuchi Akpeh


You dance all around me
Snatching those so dear to me
Just when I need them most
First, it was Ezi Nnem
Then it was Nnam Oka
And now, Mamaaaaa . . . .

Who asked you to take them
Without asking first
Don't you know they are mine

You dared
Who gave you the power
To treat me so
Is it God?
It must have been
'Cos then
You wouldn't have dared

God why did you allow this to happen
Couldn't mama have stayed
a year longer . . . . a month
a week . . .a day
even an hour

So I could tell her
What she meant to me

Mamaaaaa . . . .
You were the mother I knew
My solace in those formative years
My shelter while those storms raged

Mamaaaaa . . . .
You may be gone
But you are not dead
You live . . .
Yes, you live on . . .
Right here in my heart
For here
Your candle will continue to burn
Till I come to join you.

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Submitted: Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 27, 2008

About the Poet
A recent graduate of the University of Ibadan College of Medicine, Nigeria. This young physician started writing as way of expressing himself but then found peace in committing his innermost thoughts to paper . . .

Other Poems by Nnabuchi Akpeh

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