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Fertile Soil
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By Michelle Angelini
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Fertile Soil

At the beginning of each year I say,
“This is time I will…” and my well-intentioned
goals then crash within a few days. Frustration
slaps me once more. Already, this 365 days is wrecked.   

After sixty-four years on this planet,
with a multitude of plans not bearing fruit,
God helps me realize that they were planted on rocks
and in sand, instead of His fertile soil.

My Saviour sows an unfailing idea in me
(Dependable? Of course, as it is His. My restricted
mind does not think like my Creator!)
and the Lord’s inspiration is uncomplicated in its completion.

It’s not as if I hadn’t heard the saying before,
“Keep it simple sweetheart,”
although some more spiteful sources might use “stupid.”
God never thinks I’m stupid; He loves me.

Then He asks me if I can think of the two most
potent words referring to Him.
I answer, “I am.”  “Okay,” God says,
“now can you add positive remarks about yourself 

and remember to keep it simple sweetheart?”
For a minute I ponder what He asks, then understand
His plan. If “I am” is authoritative for Him,
then it can also be effective for me, when adding affirmations.

“Child, I have never left you, have I? So, we will travel
this fresh trip around the sun together. If I can’t fail,
then with my guidance, neither can you.” For once,
I fully understand that with Him I can accomplish all things.

My eyes
fill with tears
and my heart
in an explosion
of His love.

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Submitted: Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 15, 2014

About the Poet
Michelle Angelini, aka Chelle, has been writing poetry for over 40 years. She has been published in many Southern California chapbooks and calendars. I am retired and dealing with my health issues. My Saviour, Jesus is always with me. God holds me within His wings. I am working slowly on a second book poetry and possibly my photography. And, I'm over 65 now and still loving it, even though my social life is not what it once was because of the painful fibromyalgia. It's quite frustrating, but I know Jesus still has "work" for me to do to show how much He blesses me.

Other Poems by Michelle Angelini

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