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Headline News.....
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By Dale Jordan Heath
Other Poems by Dale Jordan Heath


Headline News.....


I have awakened this a.m.

to coffee and news....

the same news from yesterday,

the day before and last night....the political poll,

the commentator's drone.....the Left...the Right.

I remember years ago the

papers declared---like "they" knew...

in a headline obit........

God is Dead...

just quit....

This thinking still prevails among

the rich and poor, the dumb,

the educated fool...

His Truth to be ignored.

Media madness, political insanity,

a world brewing in waste.....

a common calamity.

Liars feast on lemmings

easily led to their inevitable fate,

while we who are not gullible....








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Submitted: Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last Updated: Tuesday, April 15, 2008

About the Poet
I am a Christan mother, grandmother, wife, aspiring poet, and owner of a bed and breakfast with my husband of 37 years. I love to create an ambience of serenity in my home. I love soft music, the sounds of the birds in my yard, the whir of the ceiling fans,... Time has passed since the first time I wrote my Poet Bio...it has been three years now....in that time my life has changed drastically. We lost our beloved youngest child, our only son, to suicide. It has been devastating...shaking my faith to its core but not destroying it. I have not been inspired to write for quite some time now. I pray that I will be able to emerge from this pain and write with a new passion about my journey. Until that time I ask for prayers and that God will continue to speak to me and give me the peace that passes all understanding.

Other Poems by Dale Jordan Heath

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