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On Prayer
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By Randy Rich
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Prayer I

Prayer is a cleansing fire,
an invitation to a communal feast
with God.

Prayer II

We rise above the merely human
when we pray, and become truly human.
When the unnatural state of separation
falls away, and the recognition of union
is realized.

Prayer III

When we scale the circular steps
of prayer, the light-house leads
the lost at sea, to safety.

Prayer IV

Joyful is prayer,
to touch the hem of God
and feel the brush of angels wings,
to hold in the palm of your hand

Prayer V

The voyage of prayer
takes us on strong winds
to the realization of our deepest desire.

Prayer VI

Thunder can be heard
in the fields of prayer,
the night sky lights up
with the presence of faith.

Prayer VII

Prayers are sweet incense,
they perfume the earth
with hope and healing.

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Submitted: Friday, September 24, 2004

Last Updated: Friday, September 24, 2004

About the Poet
I am married and have two beautiful children. I am a Professional Christian Counselor and Director of services for children at a local community mental health center.

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