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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome one and all to the WordChimes Blog. You are invited to express your opinions on any subject from anthropology to Zoasterism.

Criteria for submissions:
Content must be your own unless quoting (with proper recognition and source). Keep the content within a type written page length (single spaced). Keep it free of pornography (soft or hard), obscenity, profanity, and cussing. Keep it free of personal attacks on anyone, celebrity or otherwise. (For instance, to say a particular politician is stupid or ignorant or a traitor is unacceptable. Or to say a particular entertainer is a slut or trash is unacceptable.) Keep your message on ideas not on personalities! All views will be accepted but WordChimes (WC) retains the right to edit for length or delete objectionable language. WC will not edit to change the meaning of the message. Do not advertise on WC Blog. If you do so your right to submit will be voided. Again, welcome to WC Blog. Express your opinions, inspire the readers, inform the readers, rant and rave (keeping it civil), allow others the same right.

WordChimes.com and its owner and management are not responsible for the content other than stated above. The opinions expressed are solely that of the person submitting to the blog and may or may not reflect the opinions of WordChimes.com.

Quentin Clingerman
Owner and Administrator

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