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James Pemberton

Birth Place
Snoqualmie, Washington

Age Category

Birth month and day

College Graduate

Machine Operator

Enjoy camping and going on long trips with the family.

Marital status

Have 4 (wonderful) children. ( + 1 WONDERFUL wife)!

Volunteer work
Every week, we pick up food and share it with families in need. I began doing this when I was out of work(and we were in need). Now 7 years later, we have seen this food touch many people's lives. And have seen other people(some who are in need themselves)getting involved, and helping reach out to others... We are thankful to have help distribute over 300,000 loaves of bread, and hundreds of boxes of other food as well. It's been a good example to get our children involved as well. We thank Jesus for this opportunity!

Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
We do attend a local church. However, it's God's family whom are the church. It is my desire to "reach beyond the four walls of the building" in reaching the world with the GOOD NEWS of God's love! I don't get excited about "the building, but do get excited ...about THE BUILDER... Jesus Christ!

Poetry writing experience
I have written poetry for the past several years... and have witnessed it touching many people's lives. In March of 2007, I received the first confirmation that a person came to Christ after reading one of my poems. PTL!

State or country in which the poet resides
United States

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
I have served Jesus for most of my life. However, these past few years have taught me how important it is to live for him... not j ust in words... but in also how we live. How important it is to really have vitory in our life that only Jesus can bring!

About the Poet
I and my wife have 4 grown children and currently live in the Pacific Northwest. I've spent much of my life doing volunteer work in the food distribution for the needy among local churches. Many of the poems I've written are a reflection of times of adversity as a reminder of God's love and faithfulness. I've found many opportunities to share my poems with those who are hurting and discouraged. I'm thankful for the reports of many of the poems touching people's lives. I hope that the poems included on Wordchimes will touch and bless your life too!

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June 26, 2022

How Can You Give Christ's Love When
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By James Pemberton
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How Can You Give Christ’ sLove,
When You’re Empty Inside??


How can you give Jesus’ love to others...
when you're "empty?."
Nothing inside, but on the outside,
you think you have "plenty."

This Jesus you often talk about,
is absent from your life.
One that’s filled with emptiness,
heartache and strife

You need to surrender and give
Jesus complete control.
His presence can fill
and bring comfort to your soul.

Then you can reach out
to others throughout the day.
You'll be more like Jesus
in what you do and say.

When you're filled with God’s love,
you'll be able to give it too.
As a child of God...
This is what you should do!

This world is lost and dying...
and needs Jesus more than ever.
Where your heart is...
there will be your treasure!

Hunger and thirst for God's
righteousness deep within.
Allow the Holy Spirit's fire to
bring victory within.

As you have victory, your life
be a "fountain of joy."
Things of God will be important
and his presence you'll enjoy!

Others will want the life-changing
power in you!  This they will see!
Then will you have an impact
for Jesus throughout eternity!


By Jim Pemberton 10/20/16


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