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Today's Featured Poet is

Laurie Ragan Jenkins

In Memoriam

Age Category

Birth month and day
6-24-60 don't show

High School Graduate

housewife and homeschool teacher

writing, crocheting, photography

Awards or achievements
Happy Home

Marital status

1 son

Volunteer work
monitor for Cross Way Publications

Poetry writing experience
Started writing Christian poetry after the birth of my
son, we both nearly died, and
after this experience God shined a light of learning more of His lifesaving Word.
I've been studing the Bible
since, and telling how wonderful His Son Jesus is
and how with His help Salvation is won.

State or country in which the poet resides
North Carolina

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
Lord Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light for the
world. God gives us all when
we choose to believe.

About the Poet
In Memoriam
Wife, mother, homeschool teacher,
Christian poet, happy being a child
of God. Born and raised in rural North
Carolina. Love animals of all kinds.
Enjoy photography, crocheting, making
things to share.

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Chime Of The Day

August 10, 2022

Get off the Devil's Train.....(2)
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By Michael P. Johnson
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† †Get off the Devil's Train.....(2)

Just like a deer in a snare

Or spiderís web, a fly

As fools still sinning everywhere

†Weíre trapped until we die

Unless we leave the devilís boat

Board ship from Satanís realm

Seek Heavenís help to stay afloat

With Jesus at the helm

Refuse to be in hellís employ

Turn to The King supreme

Letís fight in love for peace and joy

Beyond our wildest dream

Itís time to see the facts first hand

Through light Godís Way to see

To take account to understand

With whom to fight and flee

Get out of Satanís car my friend

Take firm in hand lifeís Wheel

No man can see whatís round the bend

Until to Christ we kneel

Through Jesusí blood through birth anew

Through grace in Jesus hand

We need to keep Godís Son in view

Towards The Promised Land

Arise forthwith from Satanís bed

Shake off the devilís chain

Consider Christ Godís Lamb instead

Who died to take manís pain

Get up and walk Godís righteous path

Take heart in Christ and thrive

In Jesusí care flee Heavenís wrath

And always stay alive.....

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