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Kumalawaty Sundari

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21 September 1985

College Graduate


learning languages, listening to music, watching cooking program, reading travel magazine

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I am chinese, but i love learning european languages so much. Though my native language is indonesian, the Holy Spirit always inspires me to write in other languages, like english. writing poetry is a talent that i started to find when i was at high school. At first it made me feel more useful at church, then later i realize that writing is part of spiritual experience. since God renewed my heart with the light of His Word, my poems become so heartfelt. I always like writing about God's love in my life.

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I believed that a church whose doctrines are perfect can save me. However, the depression that attacked me in recent years has changed my view. I realize that I need the true God to solve all problems that I encounter. I feel blessed as I can have personal relationship with Jesus, this creates security in my soul, and my depression is gone. I see how I need His love, joy and peace in my daily life, and now I am happy because all that I do daily are meaningful. Jesus is my Savior and the Bible is my guide.

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I love learning european languages. I'm very glad to be a blessing for others through my poems.
I've just published a chapbook "Journey with God" at Perry Terrel Publishing, Oakland, US.

Check my other poems at "Poetry of the Soul" youtube channel.

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February 24, 2024

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By Bernetha F. Wise
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Jesus - the well of living water that cleanses and refreshes the weary soul - is available for all to receive - wells of joy to sing and dance in the light of His love - in the rain or in sunshine my joy is complete - for it comes from the source of all that is good - all that is sweet - all that is wonderful - all that is eternal - He gives me wells of hope to walk in each day -  this is the day He has made - I will rejoice and be glad in it - for my hope is not deferred - but springs alive - in wells of peace - the serenity of the soul - that cannot be disturbed - unshakeable and immovable - it is my anchor in the storm - my safe, secure and sure foundation because of His

Wells that abide in me!

Wells of praise that fills my heart - and spills over in singing  and worshipping - before the One who loves me more than I can imagine , expect or deserve - wells of salvation for the sin sick soul - for our refuge is in Him - He ransomed me from the dark domain - with His own blood - for the wells of tears - the disappointments, heartaches and circumstances - He gives me wells of grace to move forward and not look back - covering me with amazing grace - sufficient for each day - living one day at a time - wells of truth - that penetrates my thoughts  - His Spirit leads me into His path for me - I know the voice of the Great Shepherd - wells of healing for all who call upon the name of Jesus - believing His word - receiving His healing touch - wells of deliverance - setting the captive free - to run, walk and jump into the future He has for all -  He did not give us a Spirit of fear - but gives us - reasons to draw from His

Wells of life - that keeps us under His sheltering wings of love!


By: Bernetha Wise


October 6, 2014




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