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May 19, 2022

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By Peter O
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"Blessed are those who have not seen,
yet believe." John 20:29

Gone the famine days,
Scraggly days with soul-hunger,
When emptiness was all, but,
Sadly, you can't stand on emptiness.

No, you fall; then crawl
A soul-skeleton, gaunt and bony,
While heaven mates with hell and
The dark crushes.

You tire of it all, so tired
Of time's tears, Of mind's madness,
Of dreams without wings,
Of love without breath.

You seek and search, but
This lonely labor unearths
No food, no ground, no light.

It was then came a whisper,
A name -- Jesus, yes, Jesus.
No, no, no, I am too smart
For this fantasy, this child's story.

Still, I tramped on --
A soul with gaps
Trapped in a blank life.

But, the whisper grew louder:
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And.
In my mind's eye a bridge,
A glass bridge, yes, a glass bridge.

A Voice framed the whisper"
"Walk this Bridge, even if you see it not --

On the Bridge
 Is your ground  to cross over the waters,
The rollicking, wrecking waters,
And be safe.

On the Bridge,
You will be bathed in Light,
The Sun will rise over you,
Much as it does when released from the night.

On the Bridge,
Your famished soul
Will be lLight-filled,
Nourished by this Bright Energy.

The Bridge?

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