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Deborah Ann Belka

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High School Graduate

Wanna be writer!


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All my awards (the ones that matter most) are waiting for me in heaven . . . guess I'll just have to wait till I get there to know what they are!

Marital status

Lots of cute big - little noisy boys . . Tyler 16, Joshua 14, Caleb 6, Gavin 3, Mason 2, Dylan 1, and then there is my sweet adorable Granddaughter Gwen 9 months

Published works
A few poems here and there. I have seen some on-line and I have had a lot of request for them to be used in church bulletins and newsletters.

Volunteer work
Right now, I help my daughter with her three boys two days a week. I have a lot of physical issues that keep me from doing too much outside of my home. When I was younger . . . I was president of the Make-A-Wish foundation for many years and headed the Sunday School department (ages 5-11) at my church. I am a volunteer at heart and miss the use of this gift.

Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
I am a member in good standing (I pray) of the "Royal Family" and that keeps me quite busy.

Poetry writing experience
Been writing poetry for years, but the last five years or so I have been doing more and more of it. The Lord has used my physical down-time to be His spiritual up-time and my poetry reflects this special time God has made for us.

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Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
Since I was only 10 years old when I accept Jesus into my life . . . I really wasn't all too sure what that meant. And so as a young girl I did what any young girl would do . . . I strayed and returned and strayed and returned . . . and what I found out about all my straying and retuning over the years is that I need to rededicate my life to God every day.
Once I started to seriously follow in His footsteps my straying days were over. I am wise now to the tricks the "old wily" one is up to and know that my relationship with the Lord must be spot-on if I am to beat him at his game. I find that when I start my morning in prayer and His Word I am able to keep the compass of my soul heading towards that straight and narrow.
There is a secular song that I often think about . . . "If I Knew Then What I Know Now" . . . my path would have been much more pleasing to the Lord, but Halleluiah He loves it when the returner . . . returns for good!

About the Poet
Born into the Royal family when I was 10 years old and I am eagerly awaiting His Kingdom to come . . .

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February 4, 2023

I'm Giving to God!
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By James Pemberton
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I’m Giving to God…


 I’m giving to God my love

 and affection…

He’s planted my feet

 in a new direction!


I’m giving to God my adoration

and deepest praise…

His presence is with me

 all of my days!


 I’m giving to God my heart

 and time…

I begin to have a

 Christ-like mind.


 I’m giving to God meditation

 on his word…

His voice is needs to

 distinctly heard.


 I submit to God my

 actions and deeds…

I already know that

 he’s met my needs!


As I submit to God and let

 him be Lord of all…

My faith in him grows ever so tall!


As I submit to God and cast

my cares on him…

I fall in love with him,

 again and again!


Won’t YOU submit your

 life to him as well?

The emptiness inside of you…

He will fill!


Won’t you come to him?

 And let his blood was you clean?

He’s our righteousness!

 Our everything!


By Jim Pemberton  (c) 2015

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