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Today's Featured Poet is

James Timothy Harvey

Birth Place
Thurmond, W.V.

Age Category

Birth month and day
April 9, 1948

High School Graduate

not applicable


Awards or achievements

Marital status


Published works
Grit Magazine

Volunteer work
i have done volunteer work in the past at a local hospital

Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
I am an amateur student of the Bible as well as being a Baptist

Poetry writing experience
I started writing poetry at the age of twenty-six.

State or country in which the poet resides
United States

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
I claim saving faith by Grace Alone and by Christ Alone and Believe I will see and Worship Him in the Future, born again

About the Poet
I am 64, a born-again Christian, and didn't write until 1974. My mother inspired me to write poetry, from an early age since she developed a deep love for poetry in my life. However it took years before I tried to write. My favorite subject to write about is my Savior, Jesus Christ, and religious subjects. I reside in Cleveland, Ohio.

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January 23, 2022

You Saw Me
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By Michael P. Johnson
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You Saw Me


You saw me Lord still running scared

Still skulking round with fear

Not knowing if You lived or cared

Not knowing Truth was near


You saw my tears in the rain

My soul sodden with shame

My heart lamenting hell’s refrain

Yet still You called my name


I heard my God but paid no heed

Believing all was well

Till someone gave Your book to read

Showing my way was hell


Revealing hell and Heaven true

The devil realm is real

What sinners through Your Son can do?

To win life’s great appeal


I did my God what’s written there

To Christ I bent my knee

Learning He chose my shame to bear

By dying on The Tree


I’m free my God through Christ Your Son

I’m saved through blood divine

Through love my worldly battle’s won

And endless life is mine


I live I live but not in dread

But full of joy unknown

No longer am I walking dead

Filthy and all alone


I’m cleansed by grace through Jesus pure

I’m rich beyond compare

I’ve strength such peace to all endure

And all Heaven to share.....

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