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James Timothy Harvey

Birth Place
Thurmond, W.V.

Age Category

Birth month and day
April 9, 1948

High School Graduate

not applicable


Awards or achievements

Marital status


Published works
Grit Magazine

Volunteer work
i have done volunteer work in the past at a local hospital

Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
I am an amateur student of the Bible as well as being a Baptist

Poetry writing experience
I started writing poetry at the age of twenty-six.

State or country in which the poet resides
United States

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
I claim saving faith by Grace Alone and by Christ Alone and Believe I will see and Worship Him in the Future, born again

About the Poet
I am 64, a born-again Christian, and didn't write until 1974. My mother inspired me to write poetry, from an early age since she developed a deep love for poetry in my life. However it took years before I tried to write. My favorite subject to write about is my Savior, Jesus Christ, and religious subjects. I reside in Cleveland, Ohio.

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December 5, 2023

Moss on Inertia
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By Quentin Clingerman
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Moss on Inertia


Moss on inertia
Status quo, status quo
Being held on the bottom by the undertow
Staus quo, status quo

Samson's braids gone
Status quo, status quo
Chained to circularity
Status quo, status quo

Herculean concentration
Overstimulates the cells
Damocles' sword swings and sways
Paralyzes the intent

International mish mash swallowed whole
Gyrations of the politicians not well met
Terrorism activated brain cell dead
Frenetic mindset on the barber's chair

Moss on inertia
Status quo, status quo
Being held on the bottom by the undertow

Moss on Inertia (c)2002 Quentin Clingerman

Note: Reflection on the Senate in recent months.

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