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Gillena Cox

Birth Place
St. Georges, Grenada

Age Category

Birth month and day
February 11th

High School Graduate

Library Assistant (Retired 2003)

Writing Poetry, Playing Scrabble, Crochet., Listening to Music, Reading

Awards or achievements
Haiku DIsplay at the Library Jackson Tennesse 38305 . USA
poetry.com and the International Library of Poetry - Editor's Choice Awards -2001, 2002
WHC First Global Haiku Tournament April to June 2002- member of the Tapping Wookpeckers
Webworks Kukai /Charnwoods-Third Place
2001 Word Chimes Easter Contest - Third Place
2002 Word Chimes Patriotic Poetry Contest - Third Place

Marital status

A daughter- Yanda Cox and ; A son - Khama Cox

Published works
1. The Peace to Come/The International Library of poetry 2000/ISBN 1-58235-157-0
2. Dreams of Enchantment/The International Library of poetry 2000/ISBN 1-58235-550-9
3. The falling Rain/The International Library of poetry 2000/ISBN 1-58235-134-1
4. Time And Time Again/The International Library of poetry 2000/ISBN 1-58235-142-2
5. Nature's Echoes//The International Library of poetry 2000/ISBN 1-58235-564-9
6. An Hour At Sunrise/The International Library of poetry 2000/ISBN 1-58235-539-8
7. Rhyme and Reason/The International Library of poetry 2001/ISBN 1-58235-936-6
8. Roomful of Starlight/The International Library of poetry 2002/ISBN 0-7951-5074-1
9. The Best Poems and Poets of 2001/The International Library of poetry 2002/ISBN 0-7951-5181-0
10. The Best Poems and Poets of 2002/The International Library of poetry 2002/ISBN 0-7951-5175-6
11. Under A Quick Silver Moon/The International Library of poetry 2002/ISBN 0-7951-5065-2-6
12. The Sound of Poetry/The International Library of poetry /CD
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Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
Roman Catholic fellowshiping at St Mary Parish in St James Trinidad WI where I have served as a lector and as cathechist

Poetry writing experience
1970's to date

State or country in which the poet resides
St James, Trinidad W.I.

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
I attest that Jesus is Lord and my favourite biblical quotation is "with God all things are possible." Matt 19:26

About the Poet
I live in Trinidad of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; a
multi ethnic, multi religious society. I write poetry for the sheer joy of crafting my feelings, my emotions my thoughts. I enjoy the challenge of abstraction in writing haiku. Married to Anthony Cox in 1971; we have a daughter Yanda and a son Khama. I was born in 1950
First grandchild: a grand-daughter born October 2012

My profile is a 2013 photo

(poet bio updated 2013)

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Chime Of The Day

September 23, 2021

Wayward Sinner
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By Laurie Ragan Jenkins
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Wayward Sinner

By: Laurie Ragan Jenkins

Sometimes I just feel like

The little lost sheep

That the good Lord found

Leaving His flock of the perfect

Just to find a wayward sinner like me

How delighted the angels

In Heaven must have been

When I opened my lost heart

And let the sweet Lord in

Jesus came to find

The sinners that was lost

With no chance, no help, no Cross

Too many little sheep were lost

Our precious Lord felt our need

So He decided to pay our cost

If you want to be one of His seeds

Join in His flock be a sheep like me

Just open up your lost heart

Let the good Lord have His way

Angels will be singing in Heaven

On that very day

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