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Dr Sigma G R

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Assistant Professor in an NSS College in Kerala

reading ,roaming, chatting ,feather collection,nest collection , hearing music etcc

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one boy named Syam Gopinath S S

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2 Published articles in International Journals

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interested in social service

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from the colllege days i used to write poems and shortstories .i think poetry writng can give some relief from tensions.

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Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
belive in god almighty who is the saviour of our green planet

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Hi everyone
Born in India in 1979,aged 34, now in Middle East working as a lecturer in English . I completed my research and have an idea of publishing my collection of poems.Every time I feel I am like a gypsy.I am an individual who likes to enjoy a meaningful life .

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April 18, 2021

The Day You Came
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By Michael P. Johnson
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Afraid, alone, quite down and out

So sad, most days I’d cry

I’d lived this way, so plagued with doubt

I’d often wished to die   


But when You came, when darkness fled

Your Light made true love mine

Such peace great joy when we were wed

Seeing our lives entwine


I sang, I danced, I knelt in prayer

You severed; Satan’s ties

When chains fell off, whilst sitting there

This child; began to rise


To sights, beyond my wildest dreams

Suspended in mid air

I felt Your power flow in streams

A foot above my chair


Plainly I heard Your voice on high

Today! You’re born anew”

You know my God I tell no lie

These words of mine are true


You shared with me Your living word

How warm was Your embrace

When in my room, I felt and heard

Your Wind sweep round my face


I’d never heard, Your voice before

I’d never felt such love

But when I opened wide my door

You came and gave Life’s Dove


My Saviour reigns inside of me

I feel my Master’s hand

Cleansing my soul keeping me free

Until Your Promised Land.....

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