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I am 58 years old and have lived in the Winona Lake area of Indiana for 16 years with my wife and children. I have written poetry for many years and use it primarily in personal ministry. For most of the past two years I have been recovering from cancer, something that God has used to impact my life in remarkable ways. I wrote a series of poems about the emotional and spiritual struggles that accompany having an illness like cancer. I used these to encourage people I met while going through kemo and radiation therapy. Since then, I have used them to minister to many people who struggle with cancer.

I work with the chaplaincy in the healthcare wing of a local retirement village near my home where two of my three daughers also work. My wife often accompanies me and we find it very rewarding to be involved in the lives of the people who live there.

My website address is http://callofissachar.com (Temporarily inactive)

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January 26, 2022

Lighthouses Have Special Duties
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By J. Mollett
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Lighthouses Have Special Duties

by Jean Mollett

Lighthouses have special duties,
they stand boldly and stern on the
waters edge. Strong and mighty watching
over the ships, guiding them back. With
their bright shining beam piercing through
the darkness of any storms to help
bring them home safely.

Lighthouses have special duties,
helping ships to find their way. To let
the ships Captain know he's not too close
to land. That way they also know to watch
their monitors for extending land out from
the waters edge. Sometimes a little further out.

Lighthouses have special duties,
they also help guide airplanes along the way.
Like the lights on top of a tall building, so
they won't hit it coming or going. They give
you a comfortable, warm feeling, sense of
directions. The workmen inside the tower will
and can let someone know of dangers. Lighthouses
have special duties, the keeper has to help keep the
beautiful bright light shining. New or old,
they still have their own special beauty.



Author's Note: I've always loved Lighthouses. Haven't been in one yet. I have seen them up close.

Posted on 06/12/2003
Copyright © 2009 Jean Mollett

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