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Gynith Roberts

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April 19

Not applicable


My grandsons and writing

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2 children - 4 grandsons

Published works
The Christmas Story
The Lost Sheep
Midnight Hour
Rhythm of Wind
The Storm
Ribbons of Life
Window of Light
Each Day

Volunteer work
Vesper Hall - Senior Center

Poetry writing experience
Have written poetry, essays and short stories since the 1970's. Have also done a book on my childhood - The Green Fields of Home - and am working on my first fiction novel.

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Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
My favorite book from the Bible is Ecclesiastes 3: There is a time for everything: verses 1 through 8.

About the Poet
I still have 4 grandsons and love to write. Although it hasn't been easy (nothing worth while ever is), on June 1 Floyd and I will celebrate our 57th wedding anniversary.

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February 20, 2019

Jesus, My Soul Needs Your Love
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By Kumalawaty Sundari
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Jesus, My Soul Needs Your Love


Jesus, my soul needs Your love,

Love that can set me free from Satan’s chains;

When I turn to You, I know hope increases.

In the desert, I am alone and helpless,

Then You came to save my lonely heart;

Though I am weak, precious I am before You.

I live among those who don’t have compassion,

Yet Your light brightens my days here,

My sorrow I forgot, in Your salvation I rejoice.

Jesus, I see how much You care about my struggle,

You’re near whenever the darkness surrounds me,

Your faithfulness shines amid the affliction that presses.

The beauty of the Lord revives my weary soul,

Your grace is sufficient, no longer I am in despair

You satisfy my thirst, You’re the Living God.



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