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Kumalawaty Sundari

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21 September 1985

College Graduate


learning languages, listening to music, watching cooking program, reading travel magazine

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I am chinese, but i love learning european languages so much. Though my native language is indonesian, the Holy Spirit always inspires me to write in other languages, like english. writing poetry is a talent that i started to find when i was at high school. At first it made me feel more useful at church, then later i realize that writing is part of spiritual experience. since God renewed my heart with the light of His Word, my poems become so heartfelt. I always like writing about God's love in my life.

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I believed that a church whose doctrines are perfect can save me. However, the depression that attacked me in recent years has changed my view. I realize that I need the true God to solve all problems that I encounter. I feel blessed as I can have personal relationship with Jesus, this creates security in my soul, and my depression is gone. I see how I need His love, joy and peace in my daily life, and now I am happy because all that I do daily are meaningful. Jesus is my Savior and the Bible is my guide.

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I love learning european languages. I'm very glad to be a blessing for others through my poems

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March 18, 2019

In the Arms of Jesus
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By Christine Tate
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In the Arms of Jesus

In the arms of Jesus
I'm safe from harm's way,
He comforts and understands,
and hears me when I pray...

The gentle Holy Spirit
counselor and light,
leads me into all truth
and grants me spiritual sight...

On the narrow path
I face many dangers,
temptations and imposters,
and unsavory strangers...

I'm running my race,
there's no turning around,
I'm determined to finish
cause I'm heaven bound!


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