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July 20, 2018

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By Gary James Smith
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God has love for family

He started it with Eve

Not good that man shall dwell alone

Or be an anomaly 

Then born to them the children

The heritage of the Lord

Celebration of a unity

Played out in God's Word


A many faceted structure 

Personalities all diverse 

Some would honour mom and day

Some would choose to curse

A will with willingness to do

Either right or wrong

To live with stubborness and regret 

Or live with a heart of song


Lord of life Lord of love

On the landscape of humanity 

We see the fallout from wrongful choices 

Deceived  and being  deceived 

Break in mighty wondrous power 

Wills against Thy will

Turn their eyes from worldly things

To gaze on Calvary's Hill


Hold that gaze until the Light 

Shines within each soul

And reflections from the cross

Reveal a sinful soul

Then the Spirit's drawing power 

Through Thy Holy Word

Brings them to decision making

Because of what they've heard 


Here is where the crux of the matter

Comes down to which choice 

Listen  to the serpent speaking 

Or God's, still small voice

There our destiny begins it's journey 

The broad or narrow way

In this valley of decision 

Trust in Christ today


Hold your family high in value 

They were given you by God

Nurture, nurture, nurture,  nurture 

Nurture them with love

And then O Lord we seek Your face

Daily with fervent prayer 

Pour out blessings by Your grace

And families? "Now repair!"


Copyright  January 4  2015  10:45 am


Gary James Smith 


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