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October 16, 2021

No Time to Rest
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By Michael P. Johnson
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No Time to Rest


We lie, we steal we cheat we kill

Deceive how, where we can

Gratifying the devil’s will

Against our fellow man


Weren’t we ourselves once lost and blind?

Weren’t each the devil’s slave?

Till grace began to change our mind

Saving from hell and grave


Faithful we take of bread and wine

Saved through our Saviour’s blood

Joining our hands with love divine

To walk the way we should


Are we to see our neighbours fail?

To watch them die in shame

Sink to eternal life in jail

In hell’s tormenting flame


We need to live as Christ before?

As salt as guiding light

Leading others to Heaven’s door

Helping them fight the fight


Forgive the sins our neighbours do

Forget the shame they’ve done

Reveal The Way to start anew

Through Jesus Christ God’s Son


Submit to Him on Heaven’s throne

The Lord The King on high

Who  hates to see man throw the stone

Causing others to die


Today is not our time to rest

Nor reign as Jesus’ bride

But serve until the last one’s blest

Heaven will call inside.....

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