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Linda T. Reich

Birth Place
Baltimore, MD

Age Category

Birth month and day
July 23

High School Graduate


Taking nature photos, grandchildren, collecting buttons

Marital status

Three children, five grandchildren, including twins

Published works
A few in magazines and local newpaper.

Poetry writing experience
I wrote my first poem in grade school in a card for my dad. I still have it. I wrote occasionally over the years and as a Christian adult I got down on my knees one day and asked God for the gift of poetry. My first Christian poem came instantly and I went and wrote it down. I have been writing ever since. My mom also had the gift of poetry and in her honor I use my middle name's initial T. for Theresa. I am named after her.

State or country in which the poet resides

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
Very hard times brought me to a place in my life where I knew I needed God. I accepted Jesus as my personal savior in the privacy of my living room after reading Catherine Marshall's books.

About the Poet
I am a Christian wife, mother, and grandma of five, including twin granddaughters. I love to write poetry, take nature photos, and collect buttons. I have close to 30,000 buttons. I am retired after more than 30 years of senior care including 13 years working with Alzheimers residents.

I've been writing poetry (like my mom) since I was little. I still have my first poem. It was in a card I gave to my dad. As an adult I prayed for the gift of encouragement and poetry. I think it's so important to encourage others in their faith and also unbelievers. God has brought me through so much and I am thankful for my salvation. I asked Jesus into my heart and have never regretted a single moment. It was a true blessing when 3 of my poems where published. One in a local newspaper and two in different magazines. You can also find me on my facebook page at Whispers of Hope/Linda T. Reich where I post short devotionals, my nature photos and poems. Thank you. ♥

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Chime Of The Day

September 19, 2018

Praise God For
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By Gary James Smith
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Praise God for the men of old
Who took a stand on the Word
Who believed Salvation came by grace through faith
And that every man deserved
To hear that glorious gospel news
That Jesus saves...Jesus saves
To repent and believe in that blessed Lord
Before they meet their graves
Before they meet their graves

That passion stirred them to the depths
To the very depths of their soul
And made them seek and to save the lost
To see the unworthy made whole
Love that took up residence
Because of God's love for them
Became the motivating factor
In Jesus name amen
In Jesus name amen

And still down to the present day
There are saved men consecrated
To be a witness for the Lord
By kinship they're related
Brothers in Christ in the Lord's army
Faithfully at their post
Serving the Triune Deity
Father...Son...and Holy Ghost
Father...Son...and Holy Ghost

Copyright October 28 2017 11:33PM

Gary James Smith

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