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October 21, 2018

Born in a Manger
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By Gynith Roberts
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Born in a Manger


Shhh!  Listen!  Six year old Joshua, of the 21st century, tells his version of the Story of Christmas.

On Tuesda;y Mary and Joseph had to go into the city to pay their taxes.  They could have mailed them, but maybe they didn't have a stamp.  Anyhow, Mary had many things to do before they left.  She didn't have a washer so she had to go to the river to do the laundry.  They were staying over-night in the city so she had to pack a bag and fix some lunch.  It was a long way to the city, probably a zillion miles.

Joseph didn't own a car but there was a donkey in the barn so they would have to use him for the ride into the city;.  Finally, Mary was ready.  Joseph packed their lunch and luggage on the donkey, along with Mary who was going to have a baby.  She should have stayed home but she didn't get to the city much and she wanted to go.  Joseph led the donkey and let Mary ride.

They saw lots of things along the way:  desert, flowers, palm trees, camels and a big tent.  There was probably a circus in the tent but they didn't have time to stop.

It was dark when they got to the city.  They checked all the motels and hotels but there weren't any empty rooms.  It was a big city and lots of people had come to pay their taxes.  Finally, one of the motel owners said they could sleep in the old barn in back of the motel with the animals.  It was dark and dirty in there but Mary lit some candles and saw a broom in the corner of the barn.  She swept a clean spot on the floor and they found some hay bales to make a bed.

Joseph was sleeping real good when Mary woke him up and said, "I think I'm having the baby;."  And she did.  It was a baby boy.  Mary wrapped him in some blankets and Joseph used some of the hay to fill a wooden box for the baby to sleep in.  "What shall we name him?" asked Mary.  "Let's call him Jesus."  said Joseph

In the fields around the city were lots of sheep.  The shepherds watched the sheep at night to keep the wolves andcoyotes from eating the sheep.  The night Baby Jesus was born there was a big moon and lots of stars in the sky.  The shepherds were playing guitar, singing and telling jokes when a very bright light appeared in the sky.  They looked up and saw an angel.  She was wearing a white dress, had a halo around her head and big floppy wings.  The shepherds were scared.  Who wouldn't be?  Have you ever seen a real angel?  I would be scared too.  But the angel said, "Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.  I have brought you some good news.  A baby boy has been born in the city.  His name is Jesus and he is God's Son.  Why don't you go see him?"  So the shepherds left a couple of guys in charge of the sheep and went off to the city.  The night was really clear and bright and they didn't have any trouble finding their way.

That same night there was one really big bright star in the sky.  The wise men all over the world saw the star and sent three of their best men with (funny named) presents for the baby.  The wise men just followed the big star to the barn where the baby was born.  When the wise men got to the barn there were lots of people and animals there. Mary was sitting by Baby Jesus and it was pretty noisy, but the baby slept through the whole thing.  The wise men put their presents on the floor by the baby's box and everyone knelt down to thank God.

The next morning Joseph went to the courthojuse to pay their taxes.  When he got back he strapped the wooden box on the back of the donkey and everybody started home.

This Baby Jesus grew up to be King Jesus.  And that's why we have Christmas/

That's it!  That's all!

Gynith Roberts









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