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Marion McGahagin Burkett

Birth Place
Corpus Christi, Texas

Age Category

Birth month and day
May 22nd

High School Graduate

Medicaid Specialist, MRI Assistant

Writing, Hiking, Camping, Gardening and playing with my grandchildern

Marital status

Three Daughters, Candice, Katie and Allyson....Two grandchildern Hannah and Gavin

Published works
"Life is not fair" publish February 2001 "The Bobbing Fish and Precious Stone" published May 2002 short stories. Published LoveWords Ezine
Poetry: "Relationships and the Dance" published may 2002, and "Final Tear" March 2001 ...LoveWords Ezine

On line published works
Poetry of the soul.com

Volunteer work
Volleyball Coach, Girlscout Leader

Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
I belong to the St. Pius Catholic Church/School where I volunteer my time as a sub teacher

Poetry writing experience
I started writing in 1995

State or country in which the poet resides

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
The only tesitmony I can give is always remember to treat and honor others as you would yourself.

About the Poet
I reside in the mystical mountains of North East Georgia with my youngest daughter, Ally. I have had poetry and a short story published in ezine Love Words. I enjoy poetry, writing short stories, reading and photography. My poetry is written from my heart and reflects emotions of the soul and my love of nature. I hope you enjoy... .

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January 15, 2021

10-26-10 Haiku Collection
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By Nan Forehand
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Together for the first time

Three brothers and me

Awesome hug from Gene

An embrace that rocked my world

My brother, my friend

Beautiful brown eyes

Heart of gold and cheery smile

Today I met Gene

Blessings one and all

Praise God for my brothers three

Wives and families

Judy and Marie

They were three then Jeannie died

My sisters in law

Great sorrow and joy

Memorial for Jeannie

I'm with my brothers

We celebrate life

Memorial tomorrow

Laughter midst the tears

Author's note: today has been a dream come true to finally be with my brothers. I've longed for all my life to finally meet them. Two and a half years ago, I met two of them and today we met together for the first time ever, the four of us in the same room together. If you have siblings don't let another day go by without telling them you love them.Appreciate them for the individuals they are.

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