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T A Albl

Birth Place

Age Category

Birth month and day
August ,28

High School Graduate

Refrigeration Tec

Biking with my wife, Golf, Pool

Awards or achievements
Saved by faith through grace
in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Marital status

3 boys

Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
Member of a wonderful body of believers in Maryville IL.

Poetry writing experience
from--well, you decide
No formal training

State or country in which the poet resides
United States

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
The Grace that does not change your life can not save your soul.-C H Spurgeon

About the Poet
I love God and claim Jesus as lord.
My purpose is to encourage others to do the same.

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March 6, 2021

Fog Haiku
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By Quentin Clingerman
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Foggy morning mist
Spider web glistens in light
Drawing more insects

Fog(c)2004 Quentin Clingerman

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