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Today's Featured Poet is

Peter O

Birth Place
Brooklyn, New York

Age Category

Birth month and day
September 25, 1935



writing prayer poems

Marital status

Two sons, one grandson

Published works
Serenity's Prayers (book)

Recovery Psalms (book)

Volunteer work
At a Detox center on Long Island, New York

Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
professional association:
Alcoholism Counselors Assoication of New York
religious affiliation:
Roman Catholic

Poetry writing experience
For the past twenty-five years
I have been trying to write poetry.
I published two books of poems, One book was self-published, the other with an
established publisher.

State or country in which the poet resides
New York

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
I 1967 I experienced a conversion of grace. Since then I have daily deepened
this experience by a prayerfull
meditation of the Sacred Scripture, always centering on

About the Poet
I am 79 years of age. For the past nine years I have been retired, after forty years, from the field of alcoholism and drug abuse in New York City.
I am married and we have two grown sons
and two grand-sons.
My life changed through a grace-experience in 1967.
Writing Christian prayers is a particular interest of mine. This came about by a growing awareness of the
spiritual in recovery from addictions.
I choose, intellectually and emotionally, to believe the Triune God of the Sared Scriptures as my Healer.

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November 29, 2021

Come the Spring
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By Lucia Kiersch Haase
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Come the Spring


Across the snowy fields, sky meets land

where clouds appear as though they touch the trees;

creation here abounds in patient stand

before the cold winds change to warming breeze.

All nature thrives from roots to surely cope

in harshest weather - 'tis the Winter season;

but time's horizon whispers subtle hope

ordained since God began His plan with reason.

Concordance here reflects to surely glimmer

how to endure our trials and to trust

His Word...each day much brighter - never dimmer

for us, created from the earth's own dust

by Him, who gifts us with each day, to sing

of great eternal glory...come the Spring...



(a Shakespearean sonnet)


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