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J. Mollett

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Birth month and day
March 20

High School Graduate

Housewife, presently unemployed

Crocheting, bowling, fishing, love baking, cooking, love animals, horses, etc.

Awards or achievements
High School Diploma
Ben Franklin Career & Technical Center - Diploma

Marital status

I have 2 Grandchildren

Published works
I'm looking forward to maybe someday having my Poetry published.

Volunteer work
At church, some activites, dinners, etc.

Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
I'm a member of Madison Church of Nazarene.

Poetry writing experience
I have written poetry while in junior & high school. Hadn't written for years, someone inspired me to start writing again. I love Poetry, reading & writing it. Been reading it for years.

State or country in which the poet resides

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
Welcome, I hope you enjoy WordChimes as much as I do. I hope my poetry brings much joy to you. I'm learning to become a better servant for the Lord. I hope & pray to serve him well. I joined our Choir Group at Church last year. I love singing my praises to the Lord. It's Awesome.

About the Poet
I'm married. I am a grandmother.
I love poetry, reading and writing
it. Someone inspired me to start
writing poetry again. That person
is my Pastor.

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March 21, 2018

But I'm
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By Michael P. Johnson
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        But I'm Out There

“They sit in churches far and wide

They search for life above

They seek The Truth, but I’m outside

Performing works of love


I see the need of every child

I know and hear each cry

Complacence though is running wild

And so my children die


The earth is mine, and all within

The church is but a part

Go heal the sick those lost to sin

If Love is in your heart


Go show the world you really care

Reveal that I’m alive

Make known the promise that you share

So they like you may thrive


You’ve sampled free Salvation’s Spring

Received my precious Dew

The Truth should rise on eagle’s wing

Not hide within a pew


The thirsty world will soon be quenched

Through you; my love I’ll give

When then from death a child is wrenched

Through you they’ll know I live


With you they’ll enter Heaven’s doors

If you my child take heed

You’ll take these words and make them yours

You’ll take your Father’s Seed


Take up in Christ the living plough

Hold fast for all you’re worth

Plant deep my Word revealing how

The Truth can save the earth…..

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