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I was a member here a number of years ago then my life became rather hectic and I just didn't have time to tend to writing and posting so I asked Quentin to remove my profile.

I enjoyed my time here and now that life for me has coasted into the slow lane I'd like to begin again.

I am 76 years old and I've been widowed since 2003...a lot of years but I am content with these quiet years. I have 2 daughters, 3 grandkids and 4 great grandkids. I've moved to a smaller town since I was last here and after 10 years it's finally feeling like home.

As a member of Facebook, I am there mostly to write. I have 3 groups, 2 for family 'n friends and one that is just for family where I hope to fill in my younger relatives on what life was like "Way-back-when".

In the past few years I've come to know my Lord like never before...I guess I've finally slowed down enough to have real conversations with Him. My poetry writing has been hit 'n miss for a number of years now and this is a new beginning for me. After 3 back surgeries I'm learning to stop pushing myself with big projects and perfectionism.

I hope to bless you all with old 'n new poems and spend some time just gabbing in the blogs...if I'm allowed.

I see a number of old faces here...well I guess I mean names and it feels pretty good to be back to this friendly neighborhood.

May God Bless Us One 'n All

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July 29, 2021

Our Only Refuge Is Jesus!
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By James Pemberton
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Our Only Refuge Is Jesus!


There’s many things that are going on around us.

Often, it seems like more trouble has “found us.”


Times of uncertainty and trials seem to be ahead.

We can see it coming by what’s being said.


There are wars and hardships affecting mankind.

We need to find safety, while there’s still time!


The Bible gives us the answer for you and me!

It gives a solid choice, in times of uncertainty!


It speaks of a savior’s eternal love and grace.

Our rock and refuge!   An eternal resting place!


His name is Jesus!  He’s alive and wants us to know it!

He loves us so very much, and daily shows it!


We can all find whatever we need in him alone!

He can bring true love and hope to our homes!


May the peace of Jesus be your comfort today!

May his presence fill you in a special way!


You’ll find in him, a refuge and strong tower!

Why not come, and be touched this very hour?


You’ll find in him, everything

you’ve ever needed!

Through him, your life will be

totally completed!


By Jim Pemberton    (c) 2015

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