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Today's Featured Poet is

Michelle Angelini

Birth Place
Newark, NJ

Age Category

Birth month and day
July 5, 1949

College Graduate


writing poetry, volunteering going to poetry readings/workshops, animal events, visiting the LA Zoo, working toward a greener lifestyle, being a vegan as a lifestyle

Awards or achievements
Graduating with my BA in English/Creative writing

Marital status

Does my cat, Sasha, count?

Published works
In local chapbooks and quarterlies - too numerous to name.

Volunteer work
None right now, but I have 3 cat places I want to volunteer with...not sure which one(s) I'll be volunteering at.

Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
Christian with a very strong belief in my Savior, Christ Jesus.

Poetry writing experience
I've been writing poetry for more than 30 years or more. Right now, I'm not doing much writing, since I'm dealing with physical issues. My poetry has grown over the years through attending workshops and association with many other poets. Themes and topics include Christianity, nature, emotions, today's issues, and self-introspection.

State or country in which the poet resides

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
I don't remember the exact day I commited myself to God, unlike many Christians. It's been a gradual walk. Many times I doubted that God even heard me, yet I could feel His presence. Most of my life has been a struggle with basic and physical needs. I remember at one time I seriously thought about suicide, since my life was so bad at that point. I felt God's presence and promised Him that I would never take action to harm myself again if He would take care of me. I've come close to being without money, food, or other basic needs, but God, in His Grace, has always seen to my needs. Jesus is the foundation of my life; I know He loves me and I do my best to live my life to honor Him. I can see my attitudes about things that once mattered changing. I am clay in His hands. In His love, I am joyous and free. Praise Jesus, my Saviour and best friend.

About the Poet
Michelle Angelini, aka Chelle, has been writing poetry for over 40 years. She has been published in many Southern California chapbooks and calendars. I am retired and dealing with my health issues. My Saviour, Jesus is always with me. God holds me within His wings.

I am working slowly on a second book poetry and possibly my photography. And, I'm over 65 now and still loving it, even though my social life is not what it once was because of the painful fibromyalgia. It's quite frustrating, but I know Jesus still has "work" for me to do to show how much He blesses me.

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Chime Of The Day

August 8, 2020

Give Your Heart to Jesus
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By Kumalawaty Sundari
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Give Your Heart to Jesus


Give your heart to Jesus…

He is a wonderful Savior, endless is His love;

By His grace you can smile at the storms,

Joy abounds as in His Word you abide.


Give your heart to Jesus…

He is your faithful friend, great is His mercy;

By faith shall you be glad along the way,

Peace flows as you obey what He says.


Give you heart to Jesus now;

Delay never for today is the day of salvation.

May His blood purify your heart completely,

No more burdens, He alone can save you!


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