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I have been writing poetry since childhood and have had poems of various genres published in several journals.

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July 23, 2018

Jesus Can Give You So Much More!
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By James Pemberton
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Jesus Can Give You So Much More!


You don’t have to live

like you did before!

Jesus can give you love

 and much more!


You don’t have to keep on

 living in the past.

Jesus will give you a peace

 that will last!”


The chains you once had,

 don’t have to hold you down.

Jesus will pick you up

and plant you on solid ground!


You don’t have to live the way

 you once lived…

Forgiveness and mercy

 is what Jesus gives!


You no longer have to live a life

 filled with fear…

Jesus is always your best friend.

 and is always here!


You can come to him for a love

that’s worth finding…

His promises are forever. 

You need no reminding!


You can be a new creation.

 Old things passed away.

Jesus can change

 your life TODAY!


He is Jesus! Your provider

 and all-sufficient one.

His arms are wide open…

 Won’t you come???


By Jim Pemberton    (c) 2017



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