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Today's Featured Poet is

Gerald Bergeron

Birth Place
GranD Rapids

Age Category

Birth month and day
October 14

Some High School

Wearhouse/ Author

Writing, reading the bible / bible prophecy

Awards or achievements
Seven books published, awards in robotics

Marital status

Four children, eight grand children

Published works
A touch of heaven/ a Saviors heart. Behold He cometh/ Earths final battle. No V.I.P sinners. Even unto death. Destroyed for lack of knowledge. Believers bible study journal.

Volunteer work
Between work and writing I still take time for witnessing and telling others the good news.

Professional or Philanthropic associations (including religious affiliation)
Church i go to is Resurrection life in grand rapids Mich

Poetry writing experience
Have written poetry from the moment i gave my life to Christ in 1985, wrote me first poetry book called a touch of heaven/ a Saviors heart, and working on #2

State or country in which the poet resides

Testimony of saving faith for Christians only
I asked God to get me out of a problem i had, with a promise that i would serve Him if He helped me. He did His part but i went right back to my old ways, ten years past, and one day my wife asked me to go to church, i made every excuse i could think of, yet soon gave in. that day when the pastor gave an alter call i felt something lift me out of my chair after raising my hand. from that moment i have never been the same person, Jesus has been my whole life and will always be.

About the Poet
I am an author of seven christian books all self published, and a believers bible study Journal. One of my books is a poetry book with about 200 poems. I am married and have three sons and a daughter, love writing Christian poetry.

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Chime Of The Day

June 24, 2021

We're Created With An Emptiness
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By Gary James Smith
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We're Created With An Emptiness

We're created with an emptiness
That only God can fill
Completeness is found... only found
And is not found until
Until we see our sin as such
As God sees it so
The product of one man's disobedience
A long long time ago

When Adam partook of the fruit
That God had strictly forbid
He and Eve tainted the garden
And from the Lord they hid
But God came searching for them both
He knew they disobeyed
And that initiated the groundwork
On which all sin was laid

And sin's fruition brought forth death
And mankind now was doomed
But God looked forward to the cross
The grave.. the empty tomb
And love poured out at Calvary
In a color that was red
That precious blood of Jesus Christ
Dying in our stead

And every heart that takes up faith
Will find that God is True
A rewarder of them who diligently seek Him
Are you a seeker too?
I pray dear friend you'll activate
What little faith you have
And our God will multiply it
As a mustard seed

Take up faith... take it up!
Surely do not wait
You will have an overflowing
If you come to HIm in faith
For believing faith has victory
Yes victory over the grave
Still the clarion call from Heaven
Only Jesus saves!!!

Copyright March 2 2018 3:54am

Gary James Smith

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