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The Worm on the Sidewalk
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By Linda T. Reich
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The Worm On The Sidewalk By Linda T. Reich

It's there.  Outside, on the sidewalk, dead.
Why didn't the little worm know?
The worm had it good.
It lived in rich, fertile soil
Surrounded by everything it needed
To live a good, healthy life.
Yet, when the storms and rains came
And things got tough
The worm was on the move.
Looking elsewhere for protection
And relief from the storms.
So it made it as far as the sidewalk
Where it got stuck, shriveled up and died.

Are we like little worms?

We are planted in the rich, fertile soil
Of The Word of God.
God's Word has everything we need
To live a good, healthy life.
Yet, when the storms and rains come
And things get tough
Do we start looking elswhere for protection
And relief from the storms?
Yet, if we stay planted
In the rich, fertile soil of God's Word
The storms will pass
And the Son will shine again.
We must stay planted in the rich, fertile soil
Of God's Word
So we don't get stuck, shrivel up and die spiriutally.

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Submitted: Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last Updated: Monday, May 5, 2014

About the Poet
I am a Christian wife, mother, and grandma of five, including twin granddaughters. I love to write poetry, take nature photos, and collect buttons. I have close to 30,000 buttons. I am retired after more than 30 years of senior care including 13 years working with Alzheimers residents. I've been writing poetry (like my mom) since I was little. I still have my first poem. It was in a card I gave to my dad. As an adult I prayed for the gift of encouragement and poetry. I think it's so important to encourage others in their faith and also unbelievers. God has brought me through so much and I am thankful for my salvation. I asked Jesus into my heart and have never regretted a single moment. It was a true blessing when 3 of my poems where published. One in a local newspaper and two in different magazines. You can also find me on my facebook page at Whispers of Hope/Linda T. Reich where I post short devotionals, my nature photos and poems. Thank you. ♥

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